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Letter to the Editor: Something to be thankful for

Meghan Maciel
Truckee, Calif.

Heated election, poor economy, fewer jobs. What troubled times these are! On top of this already difficult season, I found out I had breast cancer in August. Could it get much worse? I had a double mastectomy in September and am recouperating slowly but surely. I am happy to say that I am cancer free. But I’m not writing to talk about how bad things are or my fight with cancer. I want to talk about generosity.

My husband and I have been brought to tears by the kindness of our family, friends and community. I thought I would highlight one example of incredible generosity that we have been the lucky recipients of.

I had two friends arrange to have professionals clean my house. One Thursday in October, Belen and Justo of Aspen House Cleaning Company, a small yet amazing cleaning business, cleaned my house better then it has ever been cleaned.

A few days later, one of my friends called to tell me that the cleaners and the owner of the cleaning business had decided not to accept payment for the clean. After learning of my situation, they decided to just gift the clean to us. In this economy, they are suffering to pay the bills along with the rest of us and yet, they refused payment and gave me this amazing gift! My family and I have been so blessed . Thank you to our families, our friends, my kids’s schools, Glenshire Elementary and Alder Creek Middle School, thank you to so many people I can’t even list them all here. And thank you to Aspen House Cleaning Company for such an amazingly awesomely generous gift!

Happy and healthy holidays to everyone reading this. I hope you find generosity like we did.