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Letter to the Editor: Speak freely

David Goggin

The world needs more people to speak up, speak out, and speak freely. The Speak Your Peace movement like some other well-intended ideas may cause damaging unintended consequences.

Already too many people allow others to do their talking. When this happens fewer opinions are circulated. Major decisions are made with too little input, prompting leaders to presume consensus. If people feel required to stop and and#8220;composeand#8221; what they say, many may simply say nothing.

Knowing that what you say is being judged, not for its content but for the quality of its presentation, threatens participation. Good ideas do not necessarily emanate from the well spoken. History provides abundant examples of people who thought long and hard about how they said something; who then led us, with their words, into disaster. Time after time the silent and the brave have been called upon to rescue us from the well spoken and the bold.

I won’t be signing on because I believe that what you do is more important than what you say you do. I believe that what you have done is more important than what you say you have done.

Results matter more than intentions. It matters what people say, much more than how they say it. I would much rather listen to a passionate heartfelt speech than search for hidden messages in a dispassionate politically correct diatribe.