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Letter to the Editor: State champions deserve recognition

Jack Lighthiser

The Truckee community has always produced more than its share of good athletes and performances.

This year is no different with state championships in football, girls soccer, and volleyball.

Congratulations to the coaches and players on those teams.

There are individuals that I believe should be noted for their excellence. Jordan Diero, Ben Bolton, and Jackson Weed are but a few footballers who helped their team win the championship and go undefeated. Stephanie O’Neill (soft feet, great vision), Kennedy Power (central defender), Mikeayla Arnstein ( one of the best to come through the program), again are but a few of the champions deserving of mention.

Merry Brown (who came up big against Yerington), Jillian Akers and Laura Tirnan (both most improved), helped the team to their first championship.

But, two stand out for me above the rest; Katy Stephens, (all-league and all-state, three times in two sports) what a competitor, and Kaylee Waters, leader of the champion volleyball team (MVP).

In a sport that plays in the air, she covers the ground (libero) like no other.

Don’t forget to congratulate these players and all their teammates, on great seasons.