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Letter to the Editor: Still skeptical of Canyon Springs

In case you were wondering, the project known as Canyon Springs is still floating around, somewhere in the ether of poor land use, waiting for more time to be wasted, dollars spent and frustration over a process that could be avoided.

There is a reason why despite over 30 years of effort to develop 285 acres at the eastern edge of Truckee, it has yet to happen. Every proposed project to date has been the lofty dream of an overzealous developer, seeking to pack as many homes as possible on property that cannot bear the impacts.

If the impacts weren’t great, the environmental documents would be straightforward. They are not. Word on the street is we will have updated and revised environmental documents to review in the coming months. Can’t wait! We have yet to be presented with a project that works within the constraints of the site.

As someone who has worked successfully with countless developers to find a balance between what is an appropriate use for a site and what is not, I can say despite our best efforts, the current developer of Canyon Springs has shown no interest in making any modifications to his proposed project.

The current zoning for Canyon Springs was the result of a previous land owner up-zoning the property in order to have more parcels to sell. The original zoning was much lower and created a tangible transition between Glenshire, Juniper Hill and Martis Peak Road parcels.

Unfortunately, we have not had an opportunity to change this zoning designation since the first General Plan in 1996. This project equates to sprawl, is counter to the goals and policies of the General Plan and would set a precedent for continued sprawl in unincorporated Nevada County.

Visit MountainAreaPreservation.org or call 530-582-6751 for more information.

Nikki Riley

president, board of directors, Mountain Area Preservation

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