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Letter to the Editor: Stop killing beavers

Lorelei van Peborgh
Kings Beach

For a long time we, the children of the Kings Beach Parents’ Co-op, have enjoyed watching, learning and feeling the magic of the intelligent and social beavers that lived by the Kings Beach Library and Kings Beach Fire Department.

Just recently a call was made to and#8220;take careand#8221; of the beavers, though they were not, in any apparant way, a problem. They were killed. Their dam was destroyed and their home was destroyed. This is what we have to say:

Evan: Why did they kill them? Were they going to eat them?

Ty: How did they kill them? Where did they take the dead beavers?

Kalea: Killing’s not okay.

Julianna: But why did they kill the beavers?

Oliver: Where are the beavers going to live?

Ace: I like the beavers.

Liam: I’m sad.

Evan: I’m sad too. We should tell them, and#8220;Don’t ever do that again!and#8221;

Ty: We should say, and#8220;Don’t kill the beavers!and#8221;

Evan: We should make a sign that says and#8220;Please don’t kill the beavers”.

We did make a sign and posted it by their destroyed dam. We called out to the one beaver supposedly left alive, but realized he wouldn’t have anywhere to live and probably was left to die on his own. We are shocked they were killed.

We are asking whoever made the call that resulted in their death, to please respect us enough to step forward and answer our questions honestly. Our biggest question of all: Even if there was a problem, why didn’t you call a Wildlife Care center? Why kill when they could have been taken care of in numerous different ways that does not involve killing?

Please help us in our grief. We do not want to have this happen ever again.