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Letter to the editor: Suggestions to prevent Las Vegas-style shootings

With the shooting in Las Vegas, casino owners there might be faced with two options: Treat baggage the way airport customs does, either by X-ray or metal detection for each piece of luggage that comes in.

If luggage owners are present? One’s rights aren’t being violated, or someone’s plans for disaster were just foiled. Or start replacing hotel windows by adding shatterproof windows instead. But I believe fire codes wouldn’t allow that.

What happened in Las Vegas was dastardly. The former might speak for itself. Casino hotels should start X-raying their guests’ luggage.

It’s the point where you’re not event safe at a concert or anyplace else you might chance to go anymore. I just hope the bird’s nest-style shooting, from a Las Vegas hotel room, doesn’t trigger some bizarre trend among the vast number of gun-crazy crazy people there are in this world. It’s just unsafe.

Carson City, too, had its shooting spree — then one shootout where a sheriff’s deputy was killed. It’s like the whole world is coming apart at the seams, so it seems, anyway.

There’s death, destruction, and mayhem everywhere. One cannot even turn on the television nowadays without hearing about something sinister going on somewhere on this planet, like in Vegas.

And to all those first responders either visiting or from Las Vegas, God bless them. Each deserves our unstinted praise for their selfless acts of courage. They went above and beyond the call, just the way good Americans and Christians do.

But that’s just my opinion.

Don Paetz

Carson City


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