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Letter to the Editor: Test out three laning in Kings Beach

Carina Cutler
Kings Beach

I don’t know about everybody else, but I am getting tired of hearing the same two voices opposing progress in Kings Beach. These two people who claim to have hundreds of supporters are among a small group of people who wish to see our accident-ridden highway and dilapidated town remain the same. They have the backing of a handful of influential restaurant owners who fear that improving our town might entice new businesses (competition) to move in.

They ignore the fact that the all of the feeder roads into Kings Beach are two- and three-lane roads. They ignore study after study that shows traffic flow improvements, accident reductions and economic benefits of actual three-lane conversions. They ignore the will of the majority of Kings Beach residents.

Instead they play on ignorant people’s fears and spend ridiculous amounts of money on lawyers to stop our progress. Lawyers know about winning legal arguments and racking up billable hours, but they are not educated in traffic engineering and economic revitalization.

I challenge the alliance against progress in Kings Beach to do something productive and definitive with their money instead: How about using the money to pay for a full-scale mockup? Temporarily create three lanes through Kings Beach (without actually changing any paving), turn off the traffic lights, and see how it works. Leave it up through our busy week in July. If the new traffic configuration causes problems, simply re-stripe the road back to way it was and turn on the traffic lights again.

This alternative will be cheaper than paying lawyers. If the “Alliance” finds an excuse not to do this, it is because they fear the end of ignorance: then everyone will know that three lanes will actually work and work well.