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Letter to the Editor: The global warming scam heats up

Prentiss Davis

You may have noticed that all is not well in the Global Warming industry. The release by hackers of over a thousand emails and documents from the U.K.’s University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit is causing quite a stir with name-calling, accusations and important resignations reaching all the way to American Universities.

Unfortunately for the Global Warming proponents, the leaked information appears to indicate a conspiracy among climate scientists to manipulate and distort data, marginalize climate skeptics, and plots to deny release of data to and#8220;Freedom of Informationand#8221; requests. At one point, they cheer the death of a prominent Global Warming doubter.

Even the New York Times has noted that the climate scientists appear far less certain about their conclusions in private than in their public announcements. Reportedly, the scientists at the East Anglia Climate Research Unit enjoy a 25 million dollar research budget with salaries and expense accounts to match; somebody’s tax dollars at work.

It must be very tempting to fudge a little data when this sort of livelihood is at stake. Remember all the tobacco company scientists who couldn’t quite find the evidence that cigarette were harmful? Should we be discussing prosecutions for global warming profiteers? If you knowingly support a fraud, does that make you a fraud or at least an accessory to fraud?

Newspapers in The United Kingdom are calling this and#8220;The Greatest Scandal in the History of Scienceand#8221; and some are going so far as to suggest that and#8220;The last traces of doubt about the climate scam have been removed.and#8221; Predictably, U.S. media has been far less vocal, leaving the impression that most US news outlets would prefer if this story would just go away.

Now, the Competitive Enterprise Institute is demanding the release of NASA warming data, withheld for years despite Freedom of Information requests. It’s thought the data is highly damaging to the climate change industry. Perhaps it would be a good time to run a polar bear photo.

Noble Prize winner Al Gore is urging the public to give the scientists the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile Mr. Gore is reaping millions from his global warming, tax credit based investments.

Suppose a pharmaceutical company’s scientists were caught faking data on a new drug. Would you give the drug to your kid? I don’t think so.

All this is taking place as President Obama prepares to join 192 other world leaders in Copenhagen where he will reveal his plans to give away American treasure, freedom and sovereignty in the now very questionable fight against global warming.

Extraordinary amounts of power and money are on the line so you can bet the government class will pretend nothing has changed and they won’t back down without a fight to the death. The most recent polls indicate that six in ten Americans are Global Warming skeptics.

But just as America’s distaste for government health care isn’t slowing President Obama’s drive for costly new health legislation, I don’t suppose he will be discouraged by Americas growing distaste for costly climate agreements. President Obama and his advisors are confident they know better than we do and they won’t be influenced by sinking polls and negative public opinion; not yet anyway.