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Letter to the Editor: The real price of Obamacare

Tell me if the Affordable Care Act doesn’t sound like a bad used car dealership dream: You negotiate the deal to buy a fancy BMW. We’re talking the real deal, the car of your dreams.

It’s got all the bells and whistles … and the sly dealer pulled out someone else’s income statement to get the loan approved. Sure you can’t afford it, but hey, live life for all ya got, forget about the kids … this is for you.

After hefting the 4-inch-thick contract you reason that you’ll figure it out once you buy the car!

You sign on the dotted-line and they hand you the keys … then out walks the owner of the car dealership: “say, my salesman made a mistake … and forgot to add on the cost of those nice wheels you saw in the picture, sorry about that.”

No matter, you are still determined, you open your wallet and fork out more dough to have some wheels stuck on it. Finally, ya jump in and speed out of the parking lot!

Yes! This is the life! Hair fly’in back. Then, lights in the rearview mirror. What? “No license, no registration — can’t drive this car on the road.”

Geez. OK, back to the dealership … “Dudes, ya forgot something! Pay more? No way!” Yup, that wasn’t included.

Paid up, again, and ready to go. You get in the car to back out … and there’s no rear-view mirror. “Hey, I can’t back out ‘cause the mirror is missing.” “What do ya mean it’s not included?”

And the story continues. Just wait ‘till we see the real price for Obamacare! Don’t you wish you had your old car?

Jeff Ridgel