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Letter to the Editor: Trail warfare

Marc Bourriague
Tahoma, California

I have a battle of wills taking place in my neighborhood of Timberland. This past fall, there has been an off-road motorcyclist who continues to aggressively ride the trails behind the Rideout Recreation Center and angering some residents, myself included. These are multi-use trails designated as restricted to all motor vehicles.

As a retaliation for poaching these trails, somebody has taken a personal vendetta to block the trails by putting branches, logs and boulders in the middle of the trail. The residents of this area use these trails on a daily basis for walking, running and mountain biking.

I went for a mountain bike ride this past Sunday and encountered numerous trail blockages that would have caused me to veer off the trail and possibly crash. I don’t think these tactics are acceptable and should stop immediately.

Let us work together to try and post more signage to mark the trails and maybe investigate the situation for more level-headed solutions for this area. One bad seed should not put the rest of the people at risk for a revenge plot. Please stop riding your motorcycle in this area and please stop sabotaging the trails.