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Letter to the Editor: Trails yes — sales tax no

Most of us live in Truckee because we love the outdoors. And many of us, including myself, are big supporters of the trails. However, funding the trials through yet again increasing our local sales tax is not such a great idea.

Sales taxes are applied unevenly. Our local restaurants, for example, must charge the customer sales tax; whereas, the large corporate grocery store does not. Service-oriented stores don’t apply sales taxes, but small local business that supply products do.

Also, sales taxes make our local businesses less competitive with, say, Reno stores. So, when one is comparing pricing, total on the bill or a competitive bid, increased local sales taxes make our local stores look less competitive and, thus, encourages “purchase leakage” down the hill.

The end result has an undermining effect on the local business community, and therefore, the vitality of the community overall. Jobs, housing prices, support for local nonprofits including senior and kids programs — all of these are tied directly to the vitality of the local business community.

I urge everyone to not support another increase in the sales tax; instead, let’s seek a better funding mechanism to support our trail development and simultaneously create a growing and viable community.

Jeff Ridgel