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Letter to the editor: Understanding the gas tax

Most of the articles on the gas tax fail to mention why there have been no funds for needed road repairs, even though Californians pay some of the highest gas taxes in the nation.

The gas taxes collected this year were diverted by the Democrat super majority in Sacramento and put into the general fund. Thus, road repair disbursements could not be made to counties, while funding of the “train to nowhere” and higher government employee salaries and pensions were funded.

The shortfall in highway repair funds was artificially created, and those who created the shortfall raised the gas and diesel taxes, effective on Nov. 1 this year. They will rise again next year, along with higher auto registration fees. The increase in gas tax is a regressive tax that hits lower income folks much harder than middle and upper incomes. That is because many people cannot afford to live near where they work, thus must drive longer distances.

Join the move to repeal the gas tax increase by placing it on the ballot in 2018. Look for petitions to be released soon, and hold those in Sacramento accountable for diversion of funds and imposition of unnecessary tax increases.

Bob Hren

Nevada City

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