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Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘yes’ on Measure E

As a parent, I know our local schools are some of the best in California. Unfortunately, due to the lack of state funding for facilities, our elementary school sites have deteriorated. We can ensure that our children continue to excel by supporting Measure E on Nov. 4.

Tahoe Lake and Kings Beach schools are in bad shape and in need of urgent repairs and upgrades. Students require updated equipment, technology and classroom space to develop the skills needed to compete for college. As test scores have steadily improved, we must continue to invest in challenging academic programs to prepare our children for careers and colleges. Measure E will prepare students to compete in the technologically advanced, highly competitive 21st century by investing in newer technology like science and computer labs.

All funds from Measure E must go to improve education here in the Lakeside area. On Tuesday, Nov. 4, support education and invest in our future and vote ‘yes’ for Measure E.

Brianne Hipsley

Tahoe City