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Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes on Measure R

We have two children who love to bicycle and run. Access to local trails is an essential part of our family’s lifestyle. I am writing to encourage my fellow Truckee citizens to Vote Yes on R in support of Truckee’s Trails.

Measure R is a small sales tax (just a 1/4 penny on the dollar) that will provide a funding stream for building and maintaining trails in Truckee. This tax expires in 10 years and will not affect property taxes. The funds will stay local — the state will not be able to pilfer these dollars.

The money raised by Measure R will help complete the Truckee River Legacy Trail and maintain existing and new trails in the network. This includes maintenance of the new trail (already funded) being built from Tahoe Donner to downtown. Maintenance also includes snow clearing of some trails for year-round commuting and recreation.

Please join us in support of Truckee Trails — vote Yes on Measure R.

Helen Pelster