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Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes on Measure R

Please join me in voting for Measure R this June for many reasons:

1. Health: As a local Family Medicine doctor, I counsel patients daily on the importance of exercise. Exercise can prevent numerous diseases and is more effective than medicines for many mild illnesses. Having a safe, easy to use trail system in our town, connected to every neighborhood would facilitate many people making a walk, run, or ride a regular part of their day. And these could be expanded for winter outdoor use.

2. Safety: Our current fledgling trail system lacks connectivity. I have 2 young boys and would love to ride bikes safely to Old Town and beyond, teaching my kids that we don’t have to always get in the car to go somewhere. But it’s currently not safe. We should not wait until there are more accidents of bikers or runners being struck by cars to make these trail changes. I see these devastating injuries in our hospital and they are avoidable with safe trails.

3. Recreation: We can all use more fun and enjoyment in our lives, especially in our beautiful region.

4. Attraction: I’m so impressed with communities such as Whistler or Crested Butte that have coordinated bike trail systems for their town. It tells visitors that this is a community that cares about its health, safety, environment, and recreation and welcomes visitors to join in a healthy lifestyle.

Investing in our trails will help keep us healthy, safe and a vibrant tourist destination. Let’s leave a legacy of trails for our children.

Reini Jensen, MD