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Letter to the Editor: ‘War on Drugs’ a bureaucratic joke

Regarding the 5/22/14 My Turn column, “Is the War on Drugs an Effective One?” Dr. Whyman, you and Arthur Benavie are likely quite correct. While we “doctors” probably do more damage to humanity with our FDA-approved toxic prescription drugs than do the pushers of “street drugs” (“adverse responses” to prescription drugs is close to the No. 1 cause of death and morbidity in the USA … and how many of the mass killers in the US were on prescription meds?) we don’t do nearly the harm that the state does with its “War on Drugs,” which causes nearly all the death and destruction noted in “Drugs: America’s Holy War.”

The “War on Drugs” is simply another brilliant demonstration of the Law of Bureaucracy (“the result of bureaucratic interventionism is always the opposite of the stated intent”). Thank you, Dr. Whyman for bringing attention to Benavie’s excellent work.

Bob Wynman, DDS

Carnelian Bay

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