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Letter to the Editor: We did not expect principal support

While we would like the support of the TTUSD principals, we never expected it. This is not a surprise to the supporters of the recall since this board and school district have relied upon fear and intimidation tactics from the outset of the reconfiguration meetings.

These district principals want to make sure they keep their jobs and are afraid of retribution if they come out against the district office and school board. Remember back when the final two reconfiguration options were presented to the public?

I can’t remember a single administrator who said this reconfiguration was the perfect solution. In fact, some principals even said we should do this because we have to do something/anything after all of these years of meetings. And since the reconfiguration has been voted in, the administrators have had a very difficult time preparing for the upcoming school year to accommodate these changes. Orientation meetings have been postponed and cancelled. Teachers have no idea what they are doing next year. Those parents who are staying in the district (many have already chosen to enroll in Incline or move from the area) have no idea what is going on next year.

Why don’t our principals spend their time preparing their teachers and our parents for the chaotic beginning of the upcoming school year instead of continuing to stoke the flames of division by repeating the rhetoric of the recall opponents.

What the administrators failed to say in your article was that the increased busing with this reconfiguration will cost $150,000 each year (as confirmed by our district CFO). That is much, much more than the cost of the recall.

They also didn’t tell the truth when they said the recall supporters were at all of those reconfiguration meetings. I was never at one since I thought the entire process was unfair because it didn’t include adequate representation from the top performing school in the district, Tahoe Lake Elementary. My wife and many others in our community came home from those meetings very frustrated. To claim that the recall has divided the community forgets that it was the reconfiguration vote by these three board trustees that really divided our community.

We have been working toward a recall to bring our community back together and#8212; Truckee and the lakeside; latinos and caucasians; English learners and English speakers; volleyball teams and their coaches; administrators, teachers, parents, and most importantly, our students, whether they attend our district schools, charter schools, or are home schooled.

Dave Goggin and I have been out with others getting signatures for the recall from the public.

We have received overwhelming support from the teachers. Some teachers even told us that they would sign because it was confidential, but that they were afraid of the consequences if it ever got back to the administrators of our school district.

Likewise, the public has been largely in support of the recall. We have almost 2,000 signatures and need only 1,500 more to reach our goal, which will represent signatures frommore voters than any of the 3 board members in question have received in their own elections to the board.

So, we do not need the support of the district administrators for this recall. And we urge the public to remember how this board has lost the confidence of so many in our community.

If you agree that we need to reconfigure our school board and not our schools, call Dave Goggin (414-4582) or Stan Scott (448-4118). We can use your support to help bring our community back together.

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