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Letter to the editor: We need more, not less, neighborhood school

Stan Scott
Tahoe City

On Tuesday, I attended a presentation by the Schoold District to the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association. There were business owners, parents, and some school board members in attendance. They discussed the financial situation and potential school reconfigurations.

Several business owners complained that this was the first they were hearing of these potential school combinations and that we still don’t understand the reasoning behind these drastic changes.

The reconfiguration options were vigorously defended by the board members present. But that does not change that these are unacceptable to the business owners and residents of North Tahoe.

Many of us chose to relocate our homes and businesses here for everything that Tahoe offers, including Tahoe Lake School. One attendee mentioned the APlus before and after school program located a block from Tahoe Lake School that many of us have come to rely upon to help our families and businesses. What will fill this void if our children are being bused elsewhere?

We will not accept these changes being forced upon us. Unfortunately, if the district officials and board have their way, many of us will choose one of three options I have heard being discussed among parents: (1) relocate to another town with good neighborhood schools, (2) send our children to private schools, or (3) home school.

I agree with board member, Bev Ducey, that we need to find ways to attract people to our lakeside schools, but sending our kids to Kings Beach and Truckee does not help; it only exacerbates the problem.

I don’t see how we can improve our schools if many of our residents choose to school their children elsewhere. And how are we going to attract new families and businesses to the lake? And then what happens to our local businesses? Our home values? Our community? …