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Letter to the editor: Wealth disparity a huge issue

The fat cats get fatter and the lean cats get leaner, greed promotes agreed. Greed got us in the financial mess we are in today and who will do anything they can to retain all the fat. We have had 30 years of the greatest financial prosperity known to history, but to some it was just a method to get more and more of the wealth. Too many cars, houses , boats, planes, stocks and bonds are not enough for them. They want more!

We have a ridiculously low minimum wage of under $10, while lawyers working for the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers are charging almost 100 times that much at $995 an hour.

On April 1 you had a story that originally looked like it was an April first joke. Ashley Quinn, and David Brown said some of his clients are concerned about President George Bush’s tax cuts expiring at the end of next year so client making $373,000 a year would have a big tax increase of 4.6 percent.

Can they possibly live on in this, what is left of their almost $400,000 a year. We have members of the Armed Forces that have given up a family life, there home and job, and some even their lives, or floor space and yet we have people complaining about paying taxes.

In your April 17 issue you covered the group from Truckee to Tahoe engaging in anti-tax protest Wednesday at the state capitals. They have cars and money and not for gas to drive to the state capitals while many of our residents don’t have enough money for gas to get to their jobs.

From 1980 to 2007 the Dow Jones industrial average climbed from 803 to 14,165. During this time the every way wage earners wages stayed about the same for 27 years, with the minimum wage going up only a few dollars. During this time our country lived of foreign investment, with a dependency on debt and fossil fuel. We lived in debt with the money being supplied by the sale of U.S. Treasury bonds to foreign countries.

The time has come to realize we can no longer live on debt, that we will have to pay our own way. So many of the wealthy don’t want a share the cost of running our government. They all want good schools, good highways, good health care, and good local government and they all cry foul when they’re asked to pay their share.

We are in a hell of a mess, with many of the wealthy fighting our governments endeavor, to prevent a longer deeper recession. Lets get together and do something for America, “our home sweet home” instead of just thinking selfishly of ourselves.

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