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Letter to the editor: Where’s the money go?

As couple in their sixties and 25 year residents of Truckee, I have a few questions regarding Measure U. Some 20 or 30 years ago, the California lottery was touted as the savior of the California school system. Evidently not, as it has been stripped by our legislators. Since I have lived in Truckee, there has been a number of measures, S, L to name 2 and others directed at supplementing school income. Currently there is a $98 assessment for the Truckee Tahoe Unified School District and a $99.10 assessment for Sierra college on my property tax bill. In addition, groups like Excellence in Education raise additional amounts or provide other needed items for the schools. Also, as a business person in Truckee, I am constantly requested to donate to or buy advertising for different school activities such as the year book or the senior graduation night party or new band instruments and others. With all this, the school district is unable to pay teachers a decent wage, fix a leaking roof, or provide a safe playground for the students.

Since we have no children of school age and have no real plans for any, we have several questions:

1. Where has all the money gone which we have been paying ($98.00) , and all previous assessments?

2. Will Measure L increase, or decrease, or extend this current ($98.00) assessment?

3. Parents who rent their homes, are they assessed anything if they have students in our schools?

4. Families living in Placer county and sending their children to Truckee schools, are they assessed anything?

5. Why should we continue to throw more money into a black hole which swallows cash in great gulps without any sign of an end.

We would be happy to vote for a measure which funds an investigation into where all the previous lottery and assessment money has gone and how do we resolve this issue now so 20 years from now we are not still pouring money into this black hole. I’m not even going to mention the current financial situation and the status of our retirement accounts.

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