Adrianne Kimber: Protecting ourselves from wildfire: We need it all

Justin Scacco’s Sept. 3 Sierra Sun article quoted Fire Chief Bill Seline: “Either, there’s a massive fuels reduction program over many years that makes a difference, or we’re going to continue to see significant fires like this.” I eagerly delivered my “Yes on T” ballot to Truckee Town Hall last week, but this summer has shown that we need all that Measure T proposes — and more. We must pursue every means of protecting Truckee from wildfires, and one of the most powerful solutions is slowing climate change.

Fuel reduction, defensible space, and firebreaks are crucial. Just as crucial is the realization that these fires are more frequent and intense because of climate change. And this is just the beginning. Longer droughts, hotter temperatures, and significantly diminished snowpack are already looming. We have lost much, but there is much we can still save. Our climate action today will determine how much hotter and drier Truckee gets, and whether my grandchildren will experience snowpack in the Northern Sierra at all. We need to take urgent, decisive action NOW to slow climate change, so that all of the work we are doing to reduce risk through fuel management and defensible space can stand up to the fires of the future.

We owe our health and our homes to the men and women who fight these fires and manage our forests. Let us honor their dedication by showing our own commitment to slowing climate change. The US Senate is considering climate measures for their budget reconciliation bill; a price on carbon would maximize this bill’s impact. I urge you to write to our Senators, asking them to support a price on carbon in the budget reconciliation.

Adrianne Kimber


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