Bob Shannon: ‘Stop the stupid’

Over the past few years, Americans have in many cases become less than intelligent in our daily lives. Politics has entered into so many issues for political gain that we the people do not know what to believe. We had a president that constantly said “fake news” at every attempt to sow confusion so that his followers only believed what he uttered! The lies were everyday common place in those four years. He is still doing it, and yet his followers still cling to his words.

Everything became the “big hoax” when it did not suit his agenda. I also think he did not read the memo that told him “You are the president of all the people, not just your base.“

Then came COVID! Once again it became political. It is a virus that is a worldwide health issue. Yet, out came the conspiracy actors promoting dangerous comments and lies that only helped make this disease worse. There are those that falsely believe that it does not exist. Here is where politics got in the way of the Medical experts attempting to tackle this disease. Out came the anti-mask groups shouting that their personal freedom was under attack. The anti-vaccine group quickly jumped in after the vaccines were approved. Much of it political again. You even have right wing media such as Fox promoting livestock anti-worming medication not proven to cure COVID.

People believe this stuff that can be very dangerous to ones health. The Republicans hostility and attacks on science has been constant. Death threats are becoming common place in this country! Our culture of anger, violence and hate is very pervasive!

Global warming is real and and the fossil fuel industry made this a political issue with help of the Republican Party. Fires, extreme weather, drought is occurring across the globe. People in the Tahoe area and throughout the west are witnessing this climate crisis now!

But, I guess you cannot “cure stupid.

Bob Shannon


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