Celeste Leon: Support a carbon fee

Thanks to Justin Scacco for his article, “Truckee reveals first climate vulnerability plan” (Sierra Sun, July 31). The results of little to no action to address climate change are terrifying: 6-7 degrees Fahrenheit higher temperatures with a 71% reduction in snowpack by 2050, more wildfires and flooding, etc.

Thankfully, Truckee is committing to reducing emissions. But what can we do as citizens for the rest of our world? Use the right light bulbs, buy electric vehicles? Those are drops in the bucket. What we need to do is to enact policy and impose a carbon fee.

En-ROADS is a global climate simulation model developed by MIT and Climate Interactive that demonstrates how a carbon price is the single highest-leverage action we can take, the most effective solution over the shortest period of time. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a bill that received bipartisan support in Congress, will reduce America’s emissions by more than 40% in the first 12 years and will provide 2.1 million new jobs. Money collected from a carbon fee will be allocated back to all Americans. Bold action is imperative to protect the world for our children and grandchildren.

For more information,visit Also consider contacting congress to request their support and joining the North Tahoe Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby — to work with others who are invested in saving the planet and our future.

Celeste Leon


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