Craig Meacham: Pick up your trash, and your dog’s, too


I’ve resisted writing this for a couple of years but after this morning I feel compelled. After finishing my daily swim at Donner Lake as I was exiting the water to the beach, halfway between Tahoe Donner beach and the lake outlet, I noticed a small orange bag within a foot of the waters edge. Upon approaching it my suspicions were confirmed. Someone had left their doggie poo bag there. I have, as I’m sure many others have, picked up many of these bags along the trail usually stashed at the side of the trail or behind a tree or rock in an attempt to hide it. Sometimes I will toss it into the middle of the trail and leave it as a sign to others of some people’s disregard for our environment and other people.

I’m always baffled at the thought process of the moron who leaves their dogs calling card bagged up for someone else to deal with. I suppose this persons mother always picked up after them as do their roommates, wives, husbands or friends still have to do. Please elevate yourself from moron to responsible pet owner. If you live in Truckee and have a dog and can’t pick up after it then stay home, let it do its business in your own yard. If you are from out of town and this is your MO with your pet please go back to where you came from and stay there until you can show some respect for our citizens, environment and our lake. This moronic behavior is a disgrace and disgusting. It’s bad enough to pick up after the slobs who toss their trash in the bushes but to have to pick up after your dog, even if it is in a bright plastic bag, is uncalled for. I have respect for those dog owners who keep their pet on a leash in the park, as it is the rule and there are signs regarding that, and that properly pick up after their dog and dispose of it.

Please try and show some respect for others and get with the program and pick up after your pets.

Craig Meacham

Truckee, 50 year resident

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