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Dan Lutkenhouse: Truckee Airport, our own Tragedy of Commons

Truckee Airport, our own Tragedy of Commons

It is with dismay that the same old “pilot” type candidates are up for the Airport Board who continue to obscure and misrepresent the real cost of the uncontrolled growth this very impactful “business” has on our community. By its shear aircraft volume, pollution and inherent danger, it has completely outgrown the “benefits” that it claims to provide to our town. Truckee airport’s flights have uncontrollably grown over the past years and the only thing the Board does is throw more of our tax dollars to build additional airport “infrastructure” which only serves to attract more non-local (Nevada and commercial) aircraft.

This is all under the pretext that adding this “infrastructure” will address the growing noise problem and it is financially vital to the town’s economics, both falsehoods. Noise pollution is only part of the issue this airport brings. It is well known that aircraft, especially private jets are at least 10 time more polluting per passenger mile over other transportation. All of this pollution not only lingers in our air but continues to pollute our waterways, lungs and yes, our environmentally sensitive land which is why we all live up here in the first place. Then they try to greenwash us by slapping labels like “STEM” learning or “Community” Hanger on $12M buildings that are really façade’s that are effectively to be used for the commercial airline charter business.

This is not to underemphasize the complete devastation that would occur to our town, property and homes by fire if an aircraft were to crash into our forests. Can’t happen, just look at Napa or Calistoga. How much do you pay for your homeowner’s insurance now?

It’s time for us to collectively wake up, Truckee, as we are being taken for a ride and it’s not an airplane ride!

DON’T vote for Golden/Aronson.

Dan Lutkenhouse


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