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David Trustman: Demand more from elected representatives

Demand more from elected representatives

We are currently 20+ days since the election. We have all seen our President file lawsuit after lawsuit trying to invalidate this election. He has racked up loss after loss, while he and his lawyers continue to make claims of fraud, refusing to offer a shred of viable evidence. In court, the lawyers don’t claim fraud, because they know they don’t have any reasonable proof. Despite all this, our republican senators and congress people, including recently re-elected representative Tom McClintock refuse to grow a backbone and stand up to the presidents nonsense. They hide behind statements that the president should be allowed to pursue all avenues in his search for a way to invalidate the election. Their lack of morals and conviction in favor of playing it safe, hoping not to upset the president and risk their next reelection is appalling.

While they are correct that the president can pursue all his legal remedies, it is obvious to anyone paying attention, that he has run out of avenues that would actually change the outcome of our election. By remaining complicit with his ridiculous shenanigans, they have hamstrung president elect Biden’s transition process, during the middle of the worst rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths since the start of this pandemic. At what point do we, as a people, demand that our representatives put the good of the country over the good of their career?

Please call and/or write to your representative! Tom McClintock just got re-elected for two more years. If he is unwilling to stand up to a bully in the White House, how does he expect us to believe he will stand up for us? Let’s vote him out of office and replace him with a republican, democrat, or independent who is willing to stand up for morals and character rather than one who hides in the corner, not willing to stand up for what’s just and what’s right. We need to demand more from our elected representatives!

David Trustman


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