Elena Nyhan: Return to land of liberty, and justice for all

In reference to Guy Mohun’s letter from July 17: I don’t think Mr. Mohun has an accurate view of Truckee’s political leanings.

We have had an influx of well-educated people from all over, who generally have a world view that includes caring for other people besides themselves. We have been trying to oust the lamentable Tom McClintock for years, and we welcome help from new Bay Area people in accomplishing that. I don’t want our new neighbors to think that we are all going to “vote red.”

Mr. Mohun, calls them “refugees.” We are all refugees of some sort, unless we’re Native Americans.

I grew up in the Bay Area, and everyone knows that it’s a desirable area with a great climate, real cultural diversity, good schools and well-paying jobs. That’s why the real estate prices are so high. Most of my family is still there, and they are not overwhelmed by despair, thank you. But what about Truckee?

The median house price is over $600K; that isn’t exactly affordable for the average family. Unless you bought a house many years ago or married someone who has land, most people are priced out and have to commute from Reno to work here.

Socialism? Seriously? Socialism is just capitalism with a safety net, and that’s how our society operates, for the most part. Do we want fascism instead, what the current administration seems to be trying to implement? Should we just sit back while thousands of U.S. citizens are dying, thanks to the massive failure of the GOP to listen to science?

I didn’t spend seven years in medical school and residency to have to watch such an egregious failure of public health policy under a bunch of numbskulls. I, for one, will never lose the bitterness I feel about that. Our lives may be forever changed (or lost) because of the stupidity of people who are supposed to protect us.

So I would like to invite Mr. Ritchey, and other Bay Area “refugees,” to join with most of Truckee in voting blue, so that America can try once again to be a land of liberty and justice for all, not just self-entitled white people.

Elena Nyhan MD


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