Guy Mohun: Bay Area refugees: Leave your failed politics behind |

Guy Mohun: Bay Area refugees: Leave your failed politics behind

Bay Area refugees: Leave your failed politics behind

In a letter by Jim Ritchie (“Welcome to our new neighbors,” Sierra Sun, July 2), Ritchie identifies himself as a “previous resident of Palo Alto” and pleads with “families from the Bay Area” coming to our area to “become a decisive factor in removing Tom McClintock from Congress.”

Apparently, it has never occurred to him that the reason people are leaving the Bay Area is due to the crime, homelessness, unaffordability, and despair which has taken hold — precisely because of the left-wing voters!

Bay Area and other Democrat stronghold politicians are responsible for causing an exodus of taxpayers and California business owners who cannot survive under the highest taxes in the nation (including devastating No Gig Workers AB5), stifling regulations, as well as Proposition 47’s effective legalization of theft under $950 — all of which are devastating to small businesses which are prevalent in our district.

People are fleeing the failures of socialism for the Sierra because of the pro-law enforcement, pro-freedom, pro-American policies we have practiced in these parts for generations — qualities and a way of life that Tom McClintock fights hard to preserve for future generations in our 4th District.

As a 30-year resident of Truckee, I plead with our Bay Area refugees to recognize what their votes have done to their city of origin, before they bring their bad political habits with them and turn our region into just as undesirable a place as that which they ruined — and then fled!

Vote red in November.

Guy Mohun


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