Jeff Middlebrook: Scientific Integrity Act? Really? |

Jeff Middlebrook: Scientific Integrity Act? Really?

Scientific Integrity Act? Really?

Though I understand Lisa Hofan’s concern that science is being politicized, I suspect there’s a degree of disingenuousness to her outrage because the mere fact of expecting government hacks to determine what is scientifically true and what isn’t is a huge laugh.

Scientific Integrity Act? Really?

Science is constantly being politicized and bastardized by those in power and influence who either have no unbiased grounding in real science or very evil people who know better but distort science for ulterior motives. It’s not at all a matter of Republicans versus Democrats, the left versus the right, rather it’s those across the political spectrum seeking to rape science for their own ends.

True scientists (as opposed to those alleged scientists who sell themselves out for peer acceptance and grant funding) never approach any subject with preconceived notions, never with bias, never hoping to find results to support their bias.

Perhaps the most egregious example of politicized science is how the IPCC and far too many other owned and biased ersatz scientists continue to promulgate the fraudulent anthropogenic global warming narrative.

As one deeply grounded in the hard sciences, and with numerous inventions, I am one who thinks outside the box, an original intellect that never apes the dogma of others. It’s been my unfortunate experience that far too many so-called scientists are really nothing more than ring-in-the-nose lemmings, never an original thought. Is it any wonder then that we should be frightened to think that the bureaucracy should decide what is scientific integrity and what is not?

Jeff Middlebrook


UPDATED: An earlier version of this letter to the editor has been updated to reflect the author was discussing a “anthropogenic global warming narrative”, not “anti-global warming” narrative. The Sierra Sun regrets the error.

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