Jeff Middlebrook: Truckee, walk your talk on supporting people of color |

Jeff Middlebrook: Truckee, walk your talk on supporting people of color

In my youth (I’m 70 now) of the 1960s I was a radical firebrand who had bit hook-line-and-sinker into the mindless dogma of my Woodstock Generation of that era, actually believing we could “change the world” even though there really was never a rational plan.

But I grew up, I wised up, I became truly enlightened, and I thought that generations of Americans to follow mine would never be so silly again. Boy was I wrong!!

Today I met a man who was once a Nevada County deputy sheriff, a man who has lived here in Truckee for four decades. I shared with him how the looney ivory tower leftists from the Bay Area ruined my former childhood home of the Monterey Peninsula. He then told me that the same demographic shift is occurring here in Truckee at a quantum rate, and that the Truckee that was once a conservative town of common hard-working normal Americans is fast on its way to becoming a bastion of left-wingers from the Bay Area.

I am still part old school liberal (and we old school liberals are just about gone) and true conservative (not to be confused with right-wingers). I suppose this mix defines me as a true Jeffersonian Libertarian (and if you need that defined do your own research). But what I keep seeing published in this area’s newspapers are the missives of what I refer to as ivory tower phony white liberals when they talk about Black Lives Matter and equal rights and equal opportunities.

Where is the truly affordable quality housing for people of color in Truckee? Where are the high paying job opportunities here in Truckee for people of color? It’s so easy for these self-aggrandizing white liberals to expound upon how they support people of color, but the fact can be summed up with the acronym “NIMBY” (Not In My Back Yard).

Walk your talk!

Jeff Middlebrook


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