Pat Dillon: ‘It’s probably not that bad’ is not a strategy |

Pat Dillon: ‘It’s probably not that bad’ is not a strategy

As a paramedic/firefighter for 31 years, the last 10 as a battalion chief, I have managed several major incidents.

The primary goal in emergency response is to have adequate resources to handle the reported incident and have them respond immediately. This means that we respond a large amount of resources to any incident.

When an incident commander (a subject matter expert) arrives, he/she will then pare the response back, or increase it as soon as we see and understand the threat.

President Trump, the Commander in Chief, perhaps the most powerful incident commander in the world (not a subject matter expert, and against the advice of the many experts he has available) chose to change that approach to one of minimizing the threat of Covid 19, even calling it a Democratic hoax. The result is a catastrophically delayed response, no resources such as test kits or ventilators, and panic among the population.

If this president were in the military or was any other emergency response officer, he would have been removed and replaced. There is no place in emergency or military response for those that choose the fantasy world of “it’s probably not that bad …” as a strategy. People die using that approach.

Even the most right-wing Republican can see that this man and his administration are not fit to lead. If you disagree, just watch, listen or read something other than Fox News (who flip flopped from hoax to crisis in one week) for a few days. He is clearly unable to handle the enormity of his job.

Vote a new person into the position, even if you disagree with the party politics.

Four years of a new Democratic administration absolutely cannot cause the chaos and damage that four more years with this administration is doing to this country. I guarantee a more fit Republican will run next time.

Pat Dillon

Tahoe Vista

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