Rick Needham: Ted Gaines thinks we need more tax cuts for the rich

Once again one of the Sun’s regular Republican commentators has added to their never-ending calls for tax cuts for the rich and corporations. In his July 23 column Ted Gaines shows how disconnected he is from the lives of middle class people.

For those of you tiring of reading, I’ll summarize Mr. Gaines’ column: The rich need tax breaks, and less regulation. Just look at my hero poor abused Elon Musk.

Seriously, Mr. Gaines? Elon Musk? Mr. Musk’s net worth is $162,800,000,000 (Forbes, 7/28/21). US billionaires got $1.8 trillion richer since the beginning of the pandemic. ( July 26, 2021) Elon Musk’s net worth increased by $182 billion. ( May 7, 2021)

Either Mr. Gaines is clueless about real economics or he’s spouting Republican talking points that as fail to propose any real solutions. Or even mention any issues besides tax cuts, which don’t provide the economic benefits he suggests. (Paul Krugman, New York Times 6/5/2021)

Republicans cut corporate taxes from 35% to 21% in 2017. These cuts don’t expire. Regular tax payers’ cuts expire in 2024. Leaked IRS files reveal most rich corporate guys hardly pay any taxes anyway, they just pay their lawyers to find loopholes. Still Elon Musk is leaving California for Texas. I guess he’s afraid of going broke paying taxes here.

Now Ted Gaines is running for governor on the recall. Platform: Lower taxes (for the rich I’m guessing), less regulation (also known as consumer protections).

The Sierra Sun is a good news source for the local community. And it’s getting better in many ways. Why we need these regular, unchallenged columns from Republican propagandists is beyond me. And it’s unethical for Mr. Gaines to have this platform now that he is running for governor.

Rick Needham


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