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Misleading information on Donner Lake

To the Editor:

I’d like to comment on a letter I received from Donner Lake Water Company/Del Oro owner Bob Fortino. The Sierra Sun also printed a chronology of activities with regards to the water system filtration plant that was supplied to the Sierra Sun by none other than Bob Fortino himself.

Bob Fortino with DLWC mailed out a letter to all users of the water system telling them that the TDPUD wants to take over our water system to benefit the water users in Truckee. His information was incorrect and misleading.

First of all, it is my understanding that his water rights contain enough water (920 acre feet) to only serve the residents of Donner Lake. Sierra Pacific Power, as well as other entities that service Reno, own the majority of the water rights to Donner Lake. It is not the intent of the TDPUD to take water from Donner Lake to serve any other customers other than the residents of Donner Lake. As a matter of fact, we are asking the TDPUD to service us with well water from their system to supplement our failing and aging quantity and quality of water here at Donner Lake. So it is to our benefit to receive water and service from the TDPUD.

As far as the amount of water available in the Truckee area, we are not in a groundwater shortage. According to experts, the TDPUD is only drawing from 50 percent of the available groundwater sources in the Martis Valley aquifer. At this time, due to the growth of Truckee, the TDPUD does not currently have enough developed wells to service the growing demand. The water is here, the TDPUD is aggressively drilling new wells to access that water.

We as residents at Donner Lake are going to be paying for the replacement of our failing water infrastructure. We have been told that we will generally pay the same amount to replace our system whether that money is assessed to us by the TDPUD (through a special assessment district, which is tax-deductible). The TDPUD is a not-for-profit public utility, the DLWC/Del Oro is a for-profit company.

The citizens’ group is working very closely with the TDPUD in order to make sure that we are part of the decision-making process for all aspects of acquisition, construction, future planning of our water system. We have very qualified volunteers including financial experts, water system designers, attorneys, etc. We also feel that by supporting the TDPUD, we are a community (not Donner Lake residents vs. the rest of Truckee water users).

We have a lot of support from the community as a whole including non Donner Lake residents. This has been a very difficult process that we as citizens have had to problem solve as some of us were out of water on a continual basis for many days at a time and the boil water notice and building moratorium is still in effect.

For anyone that is interested, Donner Lake Realty has a fabulous web page that gives a summary of the Sept. 3 meeting of the Donner Lake Property Owners Association in which Peter Holzmeister with the TDPUD lined out the potential time frames and costs of improving our water system. The web page is http://www.donner-lake.com/current.htm.

Kathy Polucha-Kessler


Sunsets thanks friends and customers

To the Editor:

To our Sunsets on the Lake Customers:

As previously announced, the Walsh Family has sold the business, Sunsets on the Lake, and entered into a long-term lease agreement with a truly first class group of people, East West Partners and Booth Creek Ski Group Inc.

We would like to thank all of our good friends and customers for patronizing us through the years. North Lake Tahoe is a fine community to do business in.

Even though the owners of the business have changed, all of the people and the fine food will remain exactly the same. Sunsets will continue to honor the Excellence in Education cards and support the community as it has in the past. Thank you again for your patronage.

Sunsets will be closed as usual during November and early December, but we’ll look forward to serving you when we reopen in December.

North Tahoe Marina and Tahoe Vista Sports will still be owned and operated by the Walsh family.

Jim and Ginger Walsh

Jeff and Colleen Johnson

Jimmy Walsh

Lew and Susie Orlady

Tahoe Vista

God not gone from pledge

To the Editor:

We would like to set the record straight regarding the “Pledge Of Allegiance” said at the Glenshire Elementary School Eagle Walk, and the untimely omission of the phrase “under God.” The leader of the pledge paused to listen to the 700-plus voices and, in doing so, stopped talking, resuming at the next phrase. While it was unfortunate that the one phrase that was omitted was such a meaningful one, no slight was intended.

We regularly recite the Pledge at Glenshire Elementary and honor all the precepts in the Pledge of Allegiance. We value our parent support and our Eagle Walk was a great success again this year.

The Staff of Glenshire Elementary School

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