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Non-pilot candidates for airport speak out

To the editor:

We are wondering why the pilots in our community are panicking about us non-pilots running for the airport board. The three people, all pilots and/or incumbents, who have responded criticizing Mr. Simmons’ letter to the editor which stated that the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board should include representation of all local citizens, not just of the pilots as it does today, seem to have missed the main point.

We are just flabbergasted at their assertion that something terrible will happen to the Truckee Tahoe Airport, or our community will suffer the loss of millions of dollars, or our youth will miss the joys of aviation, if the incumbents are not re-elected. What a wrong assertion.

We believe that the Airport District exists to serve the entire community in a responsible manner that minimizes negative impact on the Tahoe environment most of us cherish. Certainly public emergency services are top priority. Airport activities that benefit large percentages of the population are worthwhile. The Airport District also provides a service for the convenience of those few who use it for transportation and recreation; however, we believe these airport users should pay fair value for the services provided. The tax dollars going to subsidize the airport today would be far better used to address the needs of a broader range of taxpayers. What is wrong with the airport users paying their own way?

We believe the way to insure that the airport serves the best interests of the community is to have both pilots and non-pilots fairly represented on the board; hence our decisions to offer our candidacies as non-pilots. A vote for us is a vote for fair representation of the entire Airport District on the Airport Board.

Your non-pilot candidates for an impartial Airport Board:

Parvin Darabi

Lynne Larson

George Simmons

Airport board director responds to allegations

To the editor:

Once again, the airport is attacked by a candidate who knows little of how airports are run, and wishes to fix something that isn’t broken (Letters to the Editor, 8/31). When you rent storage space you do not have to pay taxes on the ground, and the building in which you store your property, and then tax on that property that you put inside. Airport renters do. Parvin Darabi says we should charge to land an airplane at Truckee, and that will raise enough revenue for the airport to be self-supporting.

The airport has about 30,000 operations a year, one-third of those are gliders. Charging each one $5 will raise about $150,000. Oops, did Darabi forget something? How do you count the landings? Easy, we hire someone to count them, record the number of airplanes, so we can bill the owners. Most of the time two runways are in operation, so that’s two additional people, then hire a billing clerk, and necessary office support, with wages and benefits amounting to about $50,000 a head, it will probably come close to being a wash.

In the meantime, you have alienated your airport users and they stop buying fuel, so sales slump – you raise hangar rents and hangar rentals slump, and because of the landing fee, your overall operations drop. The tax base drops, this becomes a major economic impact on the airport and the area. The airport has to be competitive and we are.

It’s a known fact that landing fees at General Aviation Airports do not work.

If Darabi’s real mandate is to shut down the airport, her proposals will work to start that process, then we can pave it over and bring in a Wal-Mart.

I quote from C.F. Kettering: “Knowing about a thing is different than understanding it, one can know a lot and still understand nothing.

F. Robert Marshall

Airport District Director

Pro and con on the gay weddings debate

To the editor:

I am writing this, my first letter to the editor of the Sierra Sun, because I too find the views of Mr. Dirga to be a detriment to your newspaper. I suppose that in this week’s edition there will be letters supporting Mr. Dirga’s column given the number opposing it last week. I would therefore like to add my voice to those already having expressed their displeasure.

The media and entertainment industry have a clear mission to advocate homosexuality as a normal lifestyle. It isn’t. Only in man, as a fallen race badly needing to receive God’s redemption, is homosexuality found. Thus it can be argued from nature itself, for those who are advocates of Darwinism, that homosexuality is not natural. It is a choice of human beings having a free will, and a conscience. If homosexuals choose to pursue their lifestyle in privacy they are free to do so. However, when their lifestyle begins to affect that of my family and other innocent persons, such as children who might be adopted by a “gay marriage,” I will take a stand.

I am not homophobic. I pity homosexuals for having selected a lifestyle that can not ever give them complete satisfaction, only temporary gratification. I pray they find the freedom from sin God has provided for them in Christ.

By the way, it is interesting to me that three most outspoken columnists in the Sierra Sun, Mr. Dirga, Ms. Panzarella, and Ms. Solomon, appear to advocate the “if it feels good do it” morality. Perhaps a better balance of opinions would reflect a more mature newspaper.

In any case, if further efforts to support homosexuality as a normal lifestyle occur in the Sierra Sun I will cancel my subscription immediately.

Chuck Morgan


To the editor:

The rash of editorials written last week, (“Locals Speak Out Against Homosexuality,” Sun, 9/6) decrying gay people truly disappointed me. It is very sad to see that bigotry (Webster’s: “one obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his own opinions and prejudices”) is still rampant in our country. As well, the authors of last week’s disparaging editorials don’t seem to realize that our country is based on freedom to choose religion (or not) and the separation of church and state. This means that contrary to what Ms. Hartwell says (“He [God] set laws in place to protect us because He loves us”), people make the laws in this country.

Being lesbian or gay today is not always an easy road. The authors of these editorials are under the illusion that this is some sort of lifestyle choice. That is simply incorrect. Why would anyone choose to be a pariah, put himself in a position to be harassed on a daily basis, risk losing family and friends? Phrases like “damaging to society” and “rejecting moral guidelines” are used to describe us, and then Californians pass ridiculous laws such as Prop. 22, banning even the future concept of gay marriage. I hope Mr. McCann knows that Mr. Knight, who was the main force behind this disgusting legislation, had a gay brother and a gay son, both of whom he chose to disown – so much for family values! Is it the Christian thing to do, to shun your own family? Does God approve of this thorough lack of paternal and fraternal loyalty?

Lastly, Mr. Meskimen, how dare you compare me to a pedophile, simply because I am gay? I, as well as the majority of the gay and lesbian community, do not support NAMBLA in any way! Shall I compare you to every straight person who has raped, killed, murdered, etc.? Such gross generalizations are abhorrent. Ten percent of our country (not 3 percent, Ms. Hartwell) is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered, and we are Americans who are constantly denied rights that are taken for granted by the non-gay population. As I read last week’s editorials, the phrase “do unto others as you would have done unto you” kept repeating in my head. Nobody wants to be told what religion they should follow, what jobs they’re allowed to have, who they should fall in love with and marry.

Until lesbian and gays are granted the same rights as all other Americans, there will be no “liberty and justice for all.”

Susannah Kamer


To the editor:

I am writing to comment on the editorial “Two Brides, One Wedding” by Nik Dirga, published Aug. 31.

I believe Mr. Dirga is missing the whole point of Proposition 22. Prop. 22 was not about gay bashing, it was not intended to keep people from loving one another, it was not even meant to keep people from having a “commitment ceremony.” It was meant to protect the integrity and the sanctity of the word “marriage” (yes, it is a matter of semantics). Marriage is not a government-conceived word, or a word invented by man. Marriage is a biblical word. Marriage, from its inception and by definition, is a special commitment between a man, a woman and God. If all three ingredients aren’t there, by definition, there is no marriage. You can call it a commitment ceremony, a legal agreement, a same sex union, a partnership, or anything at all, just not a marriage. This law was passed not to take away the rights of gay and lesbian couples, but to protect the rights of heterosexual couples, and the true meaning and sanctity of the word marriage.

Jeff Gilpin

Olympic Valley

To the editor:

Earlier this year the electorate of the state of California affirmed by nearly a two to one vote that marriage is a covenant relationship between a man and a woman. This was not a novel or new idea. What was novel and new was that a proposition to protect marriage even needed to come up for a vote. The result of the vote on Prop. 22 confirmed the Judeo-Christian belief that marriage is meant to be a life-long covenant between a man and woman before God.

Call it what you may Mr. Dirga, but unless the ceremony consists of a covenant between a man and a woman, it’s not a wedding or a marriage.

Wayne Hoag


To the editor:

I’m writing to thank you for the kind and thoughtful column you wrote in the Aug. 31 Sierra Sun about attending your lesbian friend’s wedding. I wish I had written sooner to balance the flood of negativity I see in the letters in last week’s issue. My youngest sister is lesbian. She and her partner are treasured members of our family. It was a real pleasure to read a column which showed respect and appreciation for gay and lesbian relationships and the importance of these relationships to many families. Thank you.

Virginia Kantz


To the editor:

Marriage was not created in the mind of our present society with its current trend toward absolute tolerance but instead marriage was created in the mind of a Holy God. It is a term that has precious historical and cultural meaning for families and it is not just a matter of semantics as you stated. It is a covenant relationship between a man and a woman.

You felt obliged to bring up the 61 percent that voted for Prop. 22 and implied that they are rednecked, narrow minded and intolerant. Tolerance does not mean that a neutral position is taken on right and wrong. We have a wonderful privilege in this country to use the ballot box to affirm values and peoples we believe that would best suit the furtherance of our freedoms and that for generations to come. Many of the Prop. 22 proponents are strong supporters of their communities and country through years of service, sacrifice and citizenship. It is a sad day when traditional family values are stepped on and those that hold them can be so easily stepped over.

You see Mr. Dirga, it is much more than a matter of semantics.

Alan, Beverly, Aaron and Paul Schnobrich


To the editor:

Truckee is and always has been a family community. I’m wondering why Mr. Dirga would insult a family community with his view of homosexual pairing I can’t even call it marriage. Is this the kind of views your paper is proud to circulate? Do you think we are interested in reading about homosexual marriages? The answer is NO. Normal families cannot relate to this kind of deviant behavior.

Thirdly, anatomically men with men is a joke. God didn’t design a man to be with a man, or a woman with a woman. Guess what, a man and a woman were created for each other anatomically.

Biblically, in Leviticus 18:22 it says, “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.” God goes on in the next seven verses of that same chapter calling it vile and defiling.

I Kings 14:24 says, “And there were also perverted persons in the land. They did according to all the abominations of the nations which the Lord had cast out before the children of Israel.”

And finally, in Romans I: 24, 26, 27, it says, “Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves. For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.”

Personally, I stand with God on what is shameful in personal relationships. As you can see, God is not open-minded regarding this. Would Nik Dirga like to argue with God on how beautiful “gay marriages” are now that he knows God’s viewpoint? I think not.

John and Linda Rigg


To the editor:

In regards to Nik Dirga’s column and the aftermath of homophobic drivel written by so-called Christians that was published in last week’s edition of the Sierra Sun, I would like to say how sad it is that so many of these right-wing judgmental bigots reside in our community. Being gay is not a choice. Why would anyone subject themselves to bigotry, hate and intolerance from the likes of a Mr. Jamie Brimer and Ms. Jill Hartwell?

How chilling Mr. Brimer’s statement is that gays are not part of the human makeup. That is exactly what Adolf Hitler claimed about Jews in order to justify the Nazi campaign. There is no gay agenda. It is about being treated fairly and justly. I’m so glad that Mr. Brimer seems to know exactly what God’s will is for everyone.

I would like to point out that the NAMBLA organization no more represents gays than Ted Bundy represents straight men. Over 96 percent of rapes, child molestation and serial killings are committed by straight men against young girls and women. How ridiculous it is for anyone to suggest that an obscure and sick organization like NAMBLA represents gay people. Ninety-nine percent of the sickening smut published and bought by American men is largely heterosexual. It seems to be OK to degrade women in our society. It’s quite acceptable.

Even looking at the facts, that an overwhelming majority of deviant sex crimes and aberrant behavior is committed by heterosexual men, I don’t believe that the average guy is out hiding behind a tree waiting for young children. How ridiculous!

L. Dearing


To the editor:

I’m writing in response to Nik Dirga’s recent editorial, “Two Brides, One Wedding.” To compare marriages between black people and white people to marriages between homosexuals is not a legitimate comparison; one does not choose one’s race whereas one does choose one’s sexual orientation.

“They are happy. This is all that matters,” said the column. Really? To be happy is all that matters? Come on. How long will this happiness last, especially since homosexual relationships are not acceptable to most Americans? Their relationship will be an uphill challenge because it is considered a perverted lifestyle by a majority of Americans and an abomination in the sight of God.

Please, dear editor, tell it like it is.

Becky Wallway


To the editor:

In response to last week’s Letters to the Editor, “Locals speak out against homosexuality,” please don’t insult and degrade God by dragging the word of God into a situation that is exclusively about all too human fear and hatred.

Beth Lorio


To the editor:

Several letters to the editor in last week’s Sun deeply saddened me. How tragic that people who claim to understand God’s intentions would deny God’s presence in any truly loving relationship. God is Love.

The same spark of creation ignited, from nothing, all things and living creatures. To condemn some relationships, people and things as less worthy of existence than others is to presume to know God’s plan. That’s blasphemy.

Just as war divides nations and creates harm, sorrow and devastation, it unites those who share common beliefs. Perhaps war is part of God’s plan. Could it not be? It exists.

Is not all that exists part of God’s plan?

Yes, we each have a personal responsibility to conduct ourselves in a manner which not only does no harm but also makes this world a better place. We have a responsibility to care for and nurture all God’s creations.

Judgment, the Bible says, is reserved for God alone.

No human being knows or has a right to claim to understand that which God put in the heart of another.

How sad for me to realize that so many in our community openly admit their condemnation of others simply for how others choose to express love, God’s presence, in their lives. But I will strive to accept these community members, my neighbors, and that which they hold in their hearts, while knowing in my own heart that God expects me to teach acceptance.

I will continue to teach in our family that all God’s creations exist for a reason and deserve respect.

I will continue to praise all existence as blessings. I will continue to thank God for the rich diversity in life.

Anne Grogan


Thanks to those who saved dogs

To the editor:

On Friday morning, Sept. 1, our dogs escaped from our yard and went on a misguided adventure.

After being gone five and a half hours, and our frantic searching, we received a phone call from two people who had taken the time to stop their cars on busy Hwy. 89 North and rescue our dogs. Beau the dobie and Hannah the little terrier were in the middle of the highway, frightened to death with cars whizzing by. If not for these caring Truckee locals, our beloved canine family members may have been badly injured – or worse. What a miracle to have them home safe and sound.

The amazing part of this story is that we live in upper Prosser Heights and these dogs were rescued past the Rainbow Drive exit.

One of these heroes is Jeffrey M. Shook, local Builder/Developer. We are seeking the name of the lovely young woman who also assisted so we may properly thank them both. We are so grateful.

Ken and Jan Carolan


How do the animals feel about rodeo?

To the editor:

After reading the rebuttals to the letter written about the treatment of animals by rodeos and their personnel, I was left with some questions. I understand from their letters that the animals are treated very well before the shows because they need healthy animals for the show. So what do they do to make the animals buck so furiously during the show? The animals don’t look very comfortable. Also, when a calf is roped while running and all four feet are whipped out from under him and he lands on the ground with a thud the whites of his eyes showing, is that something that a calf likes to do? Maybe I don’t know enough about what goes on behind the scenes at rodeos but I certainly can see what goes on during a rodeo and I think it’s insulting to say that humans cannot recognize cruel treatment inflicted on animals when they see it.

Janet Sturtevant


Input sought on hospital addition

(Editor’s note: Dr. Karen Sessler is a candidate for the Tahoe Forest Hospital District)

To the editor:

The Tahoe Forest Hospital District is now in the planning stages of the Western Addition Project. It is important for members of the community to get involved in the process. This 40,000 square foot addition will create new patient room, which will be more private, accommodate patient’s medical needs better, and meet newer earthquake standards mandated by law. The addition will also increase space for the laboratory, create a women’s health/ mammography suits, would add two more operating rooms.

A project as large as this will have effects on traffic and necessitate some zoning changes in the Gateway neighborhood. If you use the hospital for x-rays, lab work, traditional inpatient care, or even for childcare, your input as needed and wanted. Now is the time to let project staff know how the plan will affect you. Tell the hospital district what improvements you want to see made a part of the plan. Contact the Tahoe Forest Hospital Administration for project details and to give your input.

Let’s work together to provide quality healthcare to all the people of this community!

Dr. Karen Sessler


Tree cutting is not necessary

(Editor’s Note: The following open letter was sent to Truckee Mayor Maia Schneider. The author’s husband, Kenn Rieders, is a candidate for the Town Council.)

The article reads in the Sept. 7 Sierra Sun reads, Town Public Works Department announced it will continue with the killing of the trees along roads in Truckee. They will be using their new and improved chipping performance standard.

Maia, as one of five representatives on our Town Council you represent the voice of the citizens that make this community. Our community asked that the council take action to stop the tree cutting in Truckee. The citizens of Truckee do not want the senseless removal of trees anywhere on our mountaintop. The trees are the air we breathe

We aren’t even talking about logging operations where companies sell the lumber for profit. We don’t live in a third world country where the indigenous people have no voice as their rain forests are cut down. Removing the natural habitat of Truckee for the sake of storing snow is unthinkable. We teach our children to respect our earth as it is our only home. The teachers who educate our children have them “adopt trees.” We recycle and the Town encourages this. There are Keep Truckee Green bumper stickers in the town hall, in the very same building where our elected Council members refuse to listen to the people they represent.

The Council must take action and tell Tom Covey to stop cutting down the forest. You have the power and ability to direct the staff of this Town. The Council has the responsibility to represent the voice of the people. The people asked that the tree cutting be stopped. I encourage you to put this on your agenda and vote to represent the will of the people in the Town of Truckee.

I thank you in advance for your willingness to direct staff through the democratic process which we are so proud to have as citizens of the United States.

Julie Cooley-Rieders


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