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Candidate for airport board seeks change

To the editor:

A recent article concerning the Truckee Airport stated that the airport budget is funded by taxes from Placer and Nevada counties. Why do we pay taxes to subsidize the convenience of a very few people who use the airport? The airport drains over $1.5 million annually from Placer and Nevada counties, and for our money the majority of us get noise, safety risks and little else.

One of the reasons that many of us chose to move to the Truckee area was because of its natural beauty, of which quiet and serenity are key ingredients. The airport provides a significant negative impact on this natural beauty, and expansion will only make it worse.

In the article Ken Foster, president of the Airport Board of Directors, mentions 140 additional hangars. This just means more airplanes, noise, and safety risks, and we are paying taxes to subsidize the rent on these hangars. Mr. Foster fails to mention that a large percentage of the present hangars are rented to people who live out of the district and pay no airport taxes and generate little local business.

Regarding the “importance of the airport to Truckee’s transportation network,” ask yourself just how many friends and neighbors you know who actually use the airport. The number is undoubtedly less than 1 percent of our population. Moreover, the airport accounts for a tiny fraction of 1 percent of the total tourists who arrive here; just compare the air traffic to Interstate 80 on any Friday afternoon and evening.

I maintain that the Truckee-Tahoe Airport operates mostly for the convenience of a few people, many of whom pay no local taxes nor patronize local businesses, and offers little value to the area while providing a significant negative impact on the environment. Therefore I believe that the least it can do is pay its own way without tax subsidies as other responsible airports do.

This Nov. 7, three out of five Airport Board of Directors positions are up for election. I for one have filed to run for the Airport Board to make the airport management more representative of the local citizens instead of the pilots’ club it is today. I am committed to an airport that pays its own way with no tax subsidies and is responsive to the concerns of its neighbors.

George Simmons


Rodeo cover a case of animal abuse

To the editor:

I was somewhat dismayed to see your Aug. 9-15 North Shore Truckee ACTION guide highlight a picture of animal abuse on the cover about the Truckee Championship Rodeo (Bull riding).

If most people saw what went on behind the scenes of rodeos – or even tried to imagine what a rodeo animal feels as they are harassed, kicked with spurs, jerked to the ground at breakneck speeds (and these are babies!) and overall treated very roughly to produce a “wild” ride” – many would not support rodeos as they are now, but would demand cruelty-free rodeos.

I would rather see our community publications advocating events that are fun for everyone – including the animals, and thereby giving the message it is not sporting if someone in the event is shaking with fear.

Pamela Hormiotis

Incline Village

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