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Town helped during illness

To the editor:

A year has come and gone since our journey began. It’s been a year of mixed blessings but blessings all the same. Dustin has had 12 surgeries since Nov. 15, 1999, when he was first diagnosed with a brain tumor. The blessings are, of course, number one, that he is still with us, and number two, that the Truckee Tahoe community continued to help us, emotionally and financially, throughout 2000. I hope that all of you who have donated time, money, meals, dog-sitting and hand holding realize that we are more than grateful. We are stunned and lifted by your generosity, prayers and caring.

Dustin continues to heal but it has been a rocky road. That his friends have continued to call, write and visit has made all the difference for him and for our family.

I do want to specifically thank Glenshire Elementary School and Northstar-at-Tahoe for their combined efforts on Dustin’s behalf (which netted over $20,000 last March for the Dustin DeMont Fund), all the employees of TTUSD, especially Maggie Bockius, Gina Stephens, Liz Schott, along with Alpine Meadows, Truckee Rotary, Truckee Fire Dept., TAMA, Dr. Colpitts, Dr. Krisoff, Dr. Englesby, Dr. Tirdel, Dr. Ken Ritchie, Carol Lindsey, Barbara McKurtis and Denise and all the folks at Tahoe Forest Therapy, Tahoe Forest Hospital Emergency Room employees, Dave Giacomini and Sierra Mountain Mortgage, Dinny and Rich Harter and Pacific Crest Realty, Melodie Meng and Mane Attraction, Tom Archer and his law offices, Dave Brown, CPA, Coldwell Banker Hauserman Real Estate, Laura Ryan and Best Western, Dr. Ryan and Sierra Pet Clinic, Pied Piper Schools, Jim Simon and the Porter/Simon law firm, Barbara Prodaniuk, artist and Denise Brown and Kellie Grimes, for all they’ve done to assist us in so many different ways.

Thanks also to Bette Sutherlin. We have many wonderful friends but I can’t think what I’ve done right in my life to be blessed by the “Gifts of Bette.” I only now truly understand how deep and important a friendship can be. Thank you also to her husband, Mark, for loaning her to us so often.

Also, a huge thanks to Rick Russ for starting the Dustin DeMont Fund. The fund is still growing. Just today, Michael Cramer and Dianna Karbo, from Boice Countryside Realty in Truckee, visited us and announced their company’s donation of $3,000. Please be assured that all these donations have made his recovery (and our lives) bearable.

And for that, we thank our community.

Claudia Waters


Del Oro Water figures wrong

To the editor:

Del Oro has filed a lawsuit against the Town of Truckee for standing in the way of replacing the pipe and tanks.

Fortunately, the minutes of the Resolution Meeting with the Town of Truckee on Sept. 21 stated, “Repairs and improvements to the intake pipes, pipelines and storage facilities that were not related to the treatment plant could continue without the EIR.” Del Oro’s lawyer stated in those minutes that he was “pleased with the clarification and agreed with staff’s recommendations.” Del Oro could have fixed the pipes any time in the last long seven years.

Many customers have or will be receiving a notice identifying that Del Oro is requesting $12 million in loans from the California Public Utilities Commission. This is their estimate of the cost to replace the pipe, tanks and filtration plant.

The figures do not seem to come from a real contractor’s bid. The 6-inch pipe will not meet the 8-inch fire abatement regulation, and the estimates of installing the pipe on Southshore drive is estimated far below what it’s thought the cost will be. The 15 percent engineering and 15 percent administration fee is not included on the fee. In adding the listed $16.31 a month for the first year and the $31.51 a month for the following 20 years, for the approximate 1,280 customers, the total doesn’t come close to meeting the $12 million loan. Del Oro can ask for increased rates later, so the figures look good now.

Customers have 20 days to contest the loan and request to be a “party to the proceedings.” They need to identify why they have issues with Del Oro receiving the loan.

I wish that the information that came from Del Oro would start to become accurate rather than misleading and inaccurate.

Emilie Kashtan


Same mindset

To the editor:

In the Dec. 21 Sun, we heard from Ms. Parvin Darabi regarding religious persecution. She was fortunate in escaping an extremely intolerant Iran. Unfortunately she has brought with her that same intolerant mindset which she would now impose upon the rest of us.

She has also failed to grasp the idiom of the English language as it is spoken in the U.S. The word “soldier” has many connotations as well as denotations, only one of which she understands. How unfortunate.

Ted Langan


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