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Letters: 2000 election

Susman for Town Council

To the Editor:

We are writing to express our support for the re-election of Town Council member Josh Susman. Josh is the council member who has worked for the planned and sustained growth of the town of Truckee. Josh’s vision to retain Truckee’s beauty and uniqueness while balancing its need for growth will serve all of us who live here, as well as visitors and future residents. We have seen too many towns that have developed unwisely and their charm and allure ruined.

Josh is responsive to his constituents and is always available to answer questions and clarify issues. The Town of Truckee could not have a better advocate than Josh. We urge all Truckee residents who care about the future of Truckee to vote for Josh Susman on Nov. 7.

Danae Anderson, Truckee

Re-elect Ron Florian Nov. 7

To the Editor:

Having been a member of the Truckee community for the past 10 years, I have come to know Ron Florian as a businessman, a tireless worker for his community and as a friend. Ron has always been a strong supporter of the schools and has always been there to help when he has been asked. His hard work as a Rotarian and a business owner shows his dedication to making Truckee the best it can be. Ron’s record as a town council member shows that he is open-minded and is willing to listen to all sides of an issue.

Ron’s decisions are well-thought out and always have the interests of the people of Truckee in mind. Ron has a proven track record and he will be a solid choice to remain on the Truckee Town Council.

Dennis LeBlanc


Sullivan has proven record

To the Editor:

During this period of great rhetoric, promises made and rarely kept, isn’t it important to vote for an individual with a proven record?

I am referring to the re-election of MaryLou Sullivan to the board of the Tahoe Forest Hospital District. Since becoming a member of this board in 1996, serving as past treasurer and currently president, she has never missed a regular meeting or committee meeting. She has worked hard for our community at all times. MaryLou Sullivan is not running for political or personal gain. She would rather work behind the scenes to complete programs for the success of the Tahoe Forest Hospital District. She cares.

Many things have been accomplished during her tenure on the hospital board. A few are:

– Home health and hospice programs.

– Community Wellness Res-ource Center.

– Nuclear medicine, new technology.

– MediCal Clinic

These are but a small list of the district’s many accomplishments during her tenure. Up until recently, the hospital programs were profitable. Measures are in place to return the hospital district, once again, to this level. She has the education, background, experience and successful record needed by a community board member to make the Tahoe Forest Hospital District successful.

Re-elect MaryLou Sullivan to the Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board.

Jack Davis


Susman has good vision for town future

To the Editor:

After watching the tremendous changes taking place in Truckee over the past six years, I would like to register my enthusiastic support for Josh Susman for Truckee Town Council. When Josh ran for council four years ago, it was to bring some environmental sensitivity and land use planning integrity to Truckee town government.

During the past four years, Josh has worked hard with his fellow council members to make sure that Truckee does not fall victim to the same kind of short-sighted planning that has destroyed the character of so many small towns throughout the West. In many cases, he has been the lone voice on the council for integrated planning, affordable housing and reinvestment in a vibrant downtown for all Truckee residents.

I wish our entire Town Council could display the kind of insight, commitment and political integrity that Josh displays. Truckee needs more leaders like Josh. Today, our community is at a crossroads in its development: we can blindly accept the kind of traffic, ugly strip development and skyrocketing rents that are headed our way or we can reinvigorate our vision for Truckee by electing leaders who will insist that as we grow, we maintain and enhance the very character and beauty of the place we call home.

Please join me in voting for Josh Susman on Nov. 7.

Tracy Grubbs


Re-elect Sullivan to TFH board

To the Editor:

On Nov. 7 I will be casting my vote for MaryLou Sullivan for the Tahoe Forest Board of Directors.

MaryLou has served on the board of directors for the last four years. In her time on that board she has served diligently and with a fierce dedication. Her business and health care background, combined with her board experience, make her the perfect candidate to continue representing the community on health care issues. I know MaryLou to be a woman of unquestionable integrity and deep compassion, with the strength and wisdom to make sound decisions on our behalf.

I encourage you to join me in supporting MaryLou for Tahoe Forest Hospital Board.

Maia Schneider


Non pilots will ensure better airport

To the Editor:

The current airport board is comprised solely of pilots whose view of airport operations is of the pilots, by the pilots, and for the pilots; and the non pilot community be damned.

About midnight on Sept. 1 a jet roared so close to our home in Prosser Heights that the windows shook and a car alarm went off. The following morning I called the noise complaint hotline and got a recorded message that asked for my address so that “it” could mail me a form. The form never came.

The number of jet flights into and out of Truckee is increasing up at an unprecedented rate. We need to act now to preserve our quiet mountain skies. For starters I would suggest vectoring jets toward the sparsely populated Boca Hill area rather than the current path over the Palisades, Sierra Meadows, Olympic Heights, Prosser Heights, Prosser Lakeview, FeatherStone and PC-2 subdivisions. Board member Bob Marshall says this is “not practical” yet while fishing at Prosser I’ve watched any number of jets take exactly this path. Adding a minute or two to a Bay Area-bound flight may not be practical in the eyes of a pilot, but I believe it is supremely reasonable in the eyes and ears of our ground-based community.

Reasonable jet operation hours, say 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., should be invoked and a reasonable decibel ceiling should be established. Truckee is one of the few airports that has no noise abatement policy whatsoever. Stage two jets which are prohibited from landing at nearby Tahoe because of their incredible noise pollution are welcomed into Truckee.

Our first step toward definitive action at the airport is to put the current board on the next flight out of town and elect community-sensitive individuals such as Lynne Larson, George Simmons, and Parvin Darabi.

Ralph Cutter


True facts on the airport

To the editor:

Well, the gunfight at the Truckee Tahoe Airport District corral is in full swing.

My letter writing to the editor was put aside because I have been working on arriving aircraft traffic patterns and noise abatement procedures for the airport.

It’s very important that the noise issue be addressed so that maximum benefit is obtained by all.

A few facts: the airport does not have the authority to tell the pilot of an aircraft what to do once that aircraft leaves the ground. We do not have a control tower. What we can do is publish recommended noise abatement procedures. The pilot is the ultimate authority, just like the maritime industry where the captain has ultimate authority. This is federal law.

Federal Aviation regulations provide instruction to the pilot on how to arrive at uncontrolled airports. That’s where the airport can recommend noise abatement.

It seems that everyone is getting a shot at the airport these days, all it takes is an election.

The ball field for Park and Recreation was approved by the district long ago, they know this.

The school district will have a corporation yard for their buses by leasing land from Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency, they know this.

These are the facts. No spin, No innuendos.

Well, the critics have one more issue to point the finger, let’s sit back and enjoy the show, for life is short and passes too fast to get caught up in all this. Thanks for listening.

F. Robert Marshall

Truckee Tahoe Airport Board Incumbent

Vote Owens for Town Council

To the Editor:

Ted Owens has my vote for Truckee Town Council. I recently talked in depth with Ted about various town issues, and I asked him every tough question I could think of. And I can tell you he has done a very thorough and thoughtful analysis of the issues facing our growing town.

Ted has a philosophy of pro-active leadership in terms of our developing our relationships with other entities such as various counties and special districts whose activities impact Truckee. He understands from experience how to develop these relationships to protect our interests and to build consensus for the future.

Burgeoning growth and small town quality of life were topics for our discussion, too. Ted believes that the general plan process works: it can be speeded up, slowed down, or changed. He wants to increase public input and participation in this process. Meaningful preservation of our precious mountain environment is a high priority as well. But most of all, he listened carefully and responded thoughtfully to my concerns and questions.

Ted’s thoughts on the meaning of being a community representative were music to my ears. On Nov. 7, the community will be well served by electing Ted Owens for Truckee Town Council.

MaryLou Sullivan


Board shows disregard for citizens

To the Editor:

If people want to know what the present airport board thinks about our community and area they should read the Oct. 12 Sierra Sun article concerning the Tahoe Truckee Sanitation Agency’s threat to sue the airport and the callous reply by the Airport Board President Ken Foster.

For you who didn’t read the article, the Sanitation Board is considering suing the airport since the Airport’s Master Plan for a new parallel runway will place restrictions on Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency’s property. Mr. Foster’s reply, and I quote, was “We’re in the airport business, not the land use business.”

I believe this shows the disregard this board has for the citizens of the area that are not pilots. I think it is time we change this board to one that is more balanced. Some people have used the ridiculous argument that the non pilot challengers are new to the area and can’t understand the situation.

Well, I am not new to the area and being an ex-pilot and airplane owner I do understand the noise problems and danger that an airport at this altitude and weather conditions can bring.

No one is asking for the airport to be closed. All that I ask is that there be representation from non-pilots so that all of our interests are considered and not just the interest of pilots. When I first came to Truckee 12 years ago I seldom heard or saw an airplane. Now, 12 years later, the airport traffic has increased dramatically including larger jet traffic. If the airport is allowed another runway and multiple new hangers the increased noise, risk of plane accidents and forest fires will increase exponentially.

While many people in the North Tahoe area may think this is not their problem consider what the future may hold for you if the airport is continually expanded and think of the taxes you pay for it.

Please, vote for the non pilots. We don’t need the present board of “wolves guarding the chicken house.”

Linden Crawforth


Pilots and non pilots should work together

To the Editor:

In the 1997 article, “Flying High” (http://www.tahoe.com /Truckee/almanac97/airport. html), Elaine Marshall wrote, “In the early 1950s, Truckee residents voted to form the Truckee Tahoe Airport District, even though the district had no money, assets or land. But the airport was born from passion, philanthropy and dedication of the locals.”

Marshall also quotes aviation pioneer Billy Mitchell saying, “To measure the heartbeat of a community, take the pulse of its airport.”

If we were to take the pulse of our current airport administration, however, what would we find? One thing is a board comprised entirely of pilots and an airport district director who wants to keep it that way. But what of the community that so passionately built the airport those many years ago? The locals who worked without pay? The county that built access roads at no charge?

One can only assume the angry attacks on board candidates are a result of misunderstanding. French poet Charles Baudelaire wrote, “The world only goes round by misunderstanding.” The kind of misunderstanding which forgets that without the support of the community, this airport would not exist.

As Marshall pointed out, it was the dedication of the locals that made the airport a reality in the first place: I don’t understand how being a non pilot precludes appreciating its value. Consider the possibility that a non pilot might genuinely care about the airport and the community; the possibility they would take the time to become educated and informed. Stranger things have happened.

Carl Jung wrote, “If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool.” Consider the tremendous potential of pilots and non pilots working together in synergy. All these candidates, pilots and non pilots alike, deserve accolades for making time in their own lives to undertake this effort to serve their community: your community.

Ena Wilson

Phoenix, Ariz.

Vote for Larson and Simmons

To the Editor:

On election day, we will be voting for Lynne Larson and George Simmons for Airport Board. Let us tell you why.

The board’s constituency is the entire voter base, not just the pilot community. It is healthy for a board to have a balanced mix of interests. It is especially important now given concerns over airport expansion, finances and the control of airport noise.

The risk with an unbalanced all-pilot board is that pilot interests will overrule the interests of the community at large. Strong representation by non pilots will assure that there is a voice for the issues of the larger airport constituency.

Our particular concern is the significant increase in jet aircraft landing and taking off from the airport. Offensive jet noise has become a quality of life issue for many of us. We live in Prosser Heights, three miles from the airport as the crow flies. We are not alone. Folks who live in Juniper Hills, Northstar, downtown Truckee and parts of Tahoe Donner and Glenshire are also aggravated by this change in the character of our airport.

Others are concerned about whether the flying public is paying their fair share of the costs to operate the airport. Still others are concerned about the prospect of an expanding airport and the impact that expansion will have on the neighboring communities.

We do not believe that an all-pilot board has been committed to effectively addressing these concerns.

Lynne Larson and George Simmons are the two candidates who bring the information, commitment and promise to work seriously to see that there is a balance between the interests of the pilots and the interests of the community as a whole. We urge you to vote for them on Nov. 7.

Kathleen Eagan and Jim Duffy


Re-elect Josh Susman

To the Editor:

Councilman Josh Susman and I have been friends and colleagues for many years. Throughout those years I have come to admire Josh’s dedicated public service and involvement in our once small community. Josh cares about the future of Truckee. It is all too obvious to most of us that our community is bulging at the seams. Truckee is growing at an unprecedented rate. Josh Susman does not want to see this growth ruin the small town character of our community. Josh has proved to be a committed, dedicated and prepared public servant for the Town of Truckee. Please vote to re-elect Josh Susman.

Caria Stewart Stokes


Put Sessler on hospital board

To the Editor:

I have worked for several years with Karen Sessler and strongly feel that she would make an excellent hospital board member. She was an effective member of the Truckee Trails Advisory Committee. That committee worked for nearly two years to develop a final product of which we are all proud.

Karen listens to other opinions, then makes a thoughtful decision. She is a business person in her private life, with accounting experience which would make a good addition to the hospital board at this time. She is a physician, but not at this hospital, and would bring experience from another hospital.

I am voting for Karen Sessler.

Barbara Green

Nevada County Supervisor-elect


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