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Pedestrian access needed

An open letter to Truckee Town Council:

Over six years ago, as our town was forming, Kathleen Eagan and I walked over the tracks at Highway 267 from Commercial Row to the intended site of our proposed restaurant, Andy’s Truckee Diner.

Kathleen and every member of the first council vowed to make it a top priority that our downtown be linked in a pedestrian-friendly and safe manner. I did not want to invest over $1.2 million to be on the wrong side of the tracks.

The grade crossing improvements scheduled two years ago are now complete, but there is still no clear, safe path for pedestrians to be encouraged to experience businesses on both side of the tracks.

I have learned that this council has chosen not to make a pedestrian link from Commercial Row at Highway 267 to other businesses on West River Street a priority, either with an interim solution or by taking on Cal-Trans now rather than in 2003. If true, I find that position appalling.

My only redress is, in our advertising, to encourage our customers to drive to our “private parking lot.” Incidentally, I have tried to be a good neighbor for five years, allowing customers of other West River Street businesses to use our lot. It is now perceived as public parking even though posted as private parking.

I have asked Tom Covey to separate the driveway parking lot access to Taco Station to our lot, permission I originally granted Tom as a favor to his department. I will install gates to insure the lot is solely for the private use of our automobile customers.

Robert J. Carey, Truckee

Violations are being ignored

To the editor:

Well over a year ago, a property owner dumped a large amount of concrete, rock, dirt and other excavated material along the banks of the Truckee River on West River Street just east of the Highway 89 connection.

I have repeatedly called, e-mailed, and written letters to the Town of Truckee, Nevada County, Placer County and the California Water Quality Control Board, Lahontan Region regarding this blatant disregard for the visual and environmental impact.

It has been very, very frustrating that virtually no one will assume responsibility in the pursuit and remedy to this action, and force a clean-up for the public good. Interestingly enough, and in the same vicinity, there are bridge abutments constructed in the middle of the river by a private property owner without permits approximately 25 years ago. Apparently the project was stopped, but removal and restoration never occurred.

Truckee River Day, and continuing efforts and contributions made by volunteer local residents, attest to our appreciation for this treasure. Our government agencies just don’t seem to have the inclination, time and resources to correct these wrongs. I don’t get it.

Maybe this letter to the editor will reach someone who really cares. I hope so.

Mike Dunsford, Truckee

Birthday party unforgettable

To the editor:

On Nov. 21 I went to Truckee Elementary School, where I work as a foster grandparent. I knew that in two days it would be Thanksgiving and my 87th birthday. I thought it would be fun to take a cake.

Now in all these years I have had many great parties; some of which I remember vividly, some not so vividly. This birthday will remain as one of the most important and happiest days of my life.

Thank you, Nancy Shaeffer, for organizing one of the greatest surprise parties that I have ever had! Working in your room and with the fourth and fifth grade students has been very rewarding. I really enjoyed the skit “The Vacant Chair” that you and your class put on.

Thank you also to the class of 4th and 5th graders; Principal Danny Hyde for coming all the way from Glenshire to attend my party; Cathy Valle for taking time from her busy schedule to attend; Mrs. Kautz; Mrs. Gauthier, our vice principal, for helping make the day special. A special thank you to all the teachers and the aides who I am sure had a hand in providing food and think and flowers.

The biggest surprise of all was seeing the fifth, sixth and seventh grade students that I had worked with when they were in the fourth grade. It was good to see how they had grown and matured.

Last but not least I want to thank Shirley Johnson for helping me carry the flowers, gifts and cards to her car and driving me home. The glow from this party shall shine for the rest of my life.

Jackie Hall, Truckee

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