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Board candidate thanks voters

To the editor:

At the close of another exciting and productive election season, I found myself on the losing end of a bid to recapture a seat on our community hospital’s board of directors.

Nonetheless, when good people seek office, as was the case in this race, no one really loses. I want to take this opportunity to thank all who voted in this most important election, for public participation in the political process is my number one objective. I also which to extend my thanks to my supporters and the hard work they produced on my behalf.

If there is a loss to be experienced within the context of this election it is in relation to the retirement of Dr. Howard Boone from board service. I was privileged to have served two terms with Dr. Boone, and found him to be a consummate professional. He is not only a skilled surgeon; he possesses a political acumen and policy understanding that was invaluable to the process of creating and maintaining a functional and efficient hospital district. He served the community with honor and distinction. In short, he will be missed.

John R. Falk, Carnelian Bay

Board candidate to stay involved

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the many voters who supported me for the Truckee Tahoe Airport board.

Although I did not win a seat on the board, I feel very successful and I am pleased with the outcome. The issues have been brought out in the open and the winning candidates have admitted concern about noise, expansion, financial responsibility and whole community involvement in decisions that affect all of us.

I made a commitment to advocate for our community and the airport district. I intend to honor that commitment, although not as an airport director. Now the real work begins. I intend to continue to work to help resolve the issues and to make sure those who won the seats on the board follow through with their campaign promises both thoroughly and swiftly.

Lynne R. Larson, Truckee

Local theatre space is needed

To the editor:

This past weekend I was treated to real-life heroism, a welcomed rest from all of the self-proclaimed heroes one can’t avoid around election time. These were the true champions who made up the incredible cast of adult volunteers assisting, teaching, and preparing the Truckee-Tahoe Youth Theatre for their opening of The Wizard of Oz. I’m sorry I don’t know all the names of those who built sets and costumes, ran lights and sound, or stage managed, but I do know that they all deserve this community’s proudest ovation.

I’ve been involved in theatre for 15 years and have produced it for seven, three of which have been here in Truckee. Theatre became my love for life at an early age and so I felt compelled to write this letter. What Jim Sturtevant, Kris Norris, and company are doing here is the impossible, and the impossible is priceless.

What makes it so impossible happens to be the same reason many of you weren’t able to see this sold-out show. It’s the very same reason any parent may have been frustrated that the final dress rehearsal ran a bit late. Even worse, it’s the same reason many of us can’t have this most incredible art form more readily available to enjoy on any level here in Truckee. It will only get worse until we address this reason.

Some towns call them cultural arts centers, or centers for the performing arts. We call them bars, gymnasiums, and a lot of headaches.

I’m writing to urge artists, parents, patrons, commercial property owners, managers, our county representatives and Town Council to put this art space on your agendas.

If any of us could match half of Mr. Sturtevant’s heroics, then we’d have an art space for every soccer field, baseball diamond and church in Truckee.

Brent Lindsay, Truckee

Don’t rush the election process

To the editor:

In the wake of the disputed election results, various shouts for closure are being heard, without any consideration that the right to vote and to have one’s vote reflect individual choice is the hallmark of our democratic society.

These are individual votes of individual people that others so crassly and ignorantly seek to deny. We are talking about constitutional rights here that must not be trampled upon with premature closure.

The questions regarding the adequacy of our present election deserve to be fully investigated and if necessary the whole process should be repeated to establish confidence in the process. Otherwise, the citizen’s interest in voting will be compromised.

It would be well worth rerunning challenged portions of the election, or the entire election if it is necessary, to restore the confidence of citizens in the legitimacy of their government.

Woe to us all, when even our elected representatives mindlessly begin to urge expediency over the constitutional rights of citizens to have their vote counted. We are in danger of moving toward the dark future Orwell predicted in Animal Farm and 1984.

Let’s do it right.

Charles Bentson, Anne Bennett, Truckee

Revote needed in Florida

To the editor:

As a man of honor, George W. Bush should insist on a revote in Florida. The irregularities in the voting there are great enough to cast a shadow over a victory. He should not assume the presidency with such clouds of doubt hanging over it. I am sure Gov. Bush wants to win the election fairly and decisively.

A revote would convince critics that he is a uniter, not a divider.

I am sure he will do the right thing, and stand by the results.

Lisa Wallace, Truckee

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