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Sports page needs to focus on local schools

To the editor:

Recently I have noticed that you are no longer reporting local sports on the first sections of the sports page. There have been stories regarding tying fishing flies, Boreal being the first to open for the year 2000 and a story regarding two skateboarders trying to cross the country on skateboards. Granted, these are all great human interest stories but where are the local high school sports?

What little there is is now found on the third and fourth pages with hardly any coverage of our hard-working kids. I also noted that all of your sports photos are in black and white; did you run out of colored ink?

I have subscribed to the Sierra Sun long enough to know that your format and/or your interests have changed dramatically. (Check your old editions.) Perhaps your sports writer might jog on down to Surprise Stadium and see first-hand what is going on. It is pretty sad when the Carson City newspaper gives our kids more coverage than we do.

I have been to many of the high school games: soccer, volleyball, football, etc. I can see how hard they work and practice. They give up their time, energy and must keep up their academics just to play in their sport of choice.

Some of the teams are getting to the end of their seasons and trying hard to get into the playoffs. The kids need all of our support and the support of our community newspaper to cheer them on.

Dorothy Hudecek , Truckee

Drug program makes no sense

To the editor:

I was shocked and disappointed to read that DARE (Drug Resistance-Abuse Education) will be allowed to return to Truckee elementary schools this year. Protecting children from drug abuse is clearly one of the biggest problems facing our communities today, but why stick with DARE when it has been proven to harm, not help our kids?

Studies on DARE consistently show it is a failure. So dismal is the DARE record, the U.S. Department of Education refuses to include DARE on its list of programs whose effectiveness is proven.

Not only is DARE a failure, it is an expensive failure. The real cost of DARE is hidden from the public. DARE costs about $5 a student, which covers each fifth grader’s DARE workbook, t-shirt and ruler. But police time adds another $20-$50 per student, depending on the department and the number of classes.

Nationally, DARE officers are paid twice as much as teachers, for a job that requires far less education – or risk. DARE also takes up valuable student time, which may even be an even bigger reason to junk DARE. Fifth and sixth graders need math, science and reading. While they might need the skills to resist drugs, they don’t need a program shown to actually increase drug use by those who are exposed to it. As precious as class time is in a 180-day school year, pulling students out of math to listen to DARE officers and their failed programs hardly makes sense.

Steve Kubby, Squaw Valley

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