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Letters to the editor

Martis Plan needs to start from scratch

To the editor:

I was elated to read your editorial of March 7, “Martis Plan flawed.” It’s worse than flawed, it would be a disaster for this area.

Placer County doesn’t care what the residents of Truckee or Nevada County want. They want to ram their development plans and connecting roads down our throat. Placer County gets their development dollars and we get the gridlock and lose the quality of life we live her for. You’re 100 percent right, this entire plan needs to be started over from scratch and local residents need to be part of the process.

Donald E. Colclough


Enforcement of the law needed in town

To the editor:

The negative reaction to the Truckee Police arresting the adults responsible for serving liquor to minors is astounding.

I would not want my own under-age grandchildren going to a school-related function where beer or liquor is served to minors, even if adults were to be present. The vision statement of the Truckee Police is that “officers are to treat everyone as they would want their family to be treated.” It seems to me that this unfortunate happening was handled within that guideline.

Some of the critics of enforcing the law need to look at the world around us before accusing the police of excesses when they uphold the law. This is not the 1930s when small town police could act in loco parentis. We live in an age when crime of all kinds, major and minor, exists everywhere. Law enforcement is needed in our community as well as in larger ones.

Paul Leyton


Kids are going to drink no matter what

To the editor:

First off, let’s really face the facts, kids are going to drink no matter when, where, or how. I would know, seeing how I am an adolescent myself.

No matter what, the Truckee Varsity soccer teams were going to drink that night, whether it was in Reno, or even driving home. We won something we all had dreamt about and we thought we had a right to celebrate.

I am aware that it’s illegal, and morally incorrect, but let’s face reality. Mike Holman has been my admirable coach for 6 years. He has taught me more about soccer than any of you will ever know. Truckee soccer is taking its demise from this because it’s losing a wonderful coach, and some valuable players, whom might not play soccer next year without him.

I’ve known Mark Ross for about nine years. He coached me when I was a little tyke, and I also love, and respect him. He taught me how to dream about playing soccer in the big leagues. Some may be appalled at him for allowing us to stay at his home, but I applaud him, seeing how he saved us all from becoming another statistic.

I believe that all of our parents knew what their children were going to do that night, even the “concerned parent”; therefore they too should get misdemeanors. Officer Roy Richner interviewed me, and he stated, “No one is going to get into trouble, we are just using this information for future references.” That statement was completely false.

Richner says he wants to make friends with the kids so we can tell him things. Well, how are we supposed to trust you when you lie to us?

Chelsey Tollison


Library problems should be fixed before expansion

To the editor:

I read with interest the recent article about our library here in Truckee. Before we attempt to move on to a bigger building, let us correct the problems we have with this library.

(1. Space: there are books stacked on top of shelves everywhere. Why? There are many fiction books that are years old and many old computer and outdated travel books. If we disposed of these books, I suspect we would have shelf space for current books. (I have just mentioned a few subjects I know about D surely there are many other outdated books.)

(2. Computers: the computers are busy during certain times of the day. But there are three other computers, rarely in use, that I was told were for catalog use only. Why?

(3. Storytime: I would think part of teaching children about the wonderful world of a library is also to teach them that others are there who would also like to study and read. Why can’t storytime be held before the library opens? It is impossible for others to check out books during the time the kids are there.

We are so fortunate that we were able to save this library. There was a time when the place was open part time, with part-time staff.

Let’s be grateful and happy that we can afford what we have.

J. Moore


Snowmobile ban is wrong-headed

To the editor:

Anti-snowmobile extremists, inside and outside the National Park Service, dramatized for the press the purported impact of the machines on air quality by recently donning gas masks. They refuse to admit that simple good management measures can protect snowmobile access, visitor choices, and the environment.

First of all, existing snowmobile use in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks has not violated any ambient clean air standards, contrary to what some NPS managers and their green friends would like people to believe.

Second, this year entrance passes are sold elsewhere — not at the gate. Visitors just drive through, with no stopping and no fumes buildup. Snowmobile clubs and businesses had requested this reform for years.

Nevertheless, the snowmobile industry has demonstrated that the machines can be cleaner and quieter. Last November, the NPS received data from snowmobile manufacturers showing that some new snowmobile models reduce emissions by 90 percent. These are production models available today from local snowmobile dealers.

The NPS decision that would ban snowmobiles and replace them with snowcoaches would not improve air quality. A recent study sponsored by the State of Wyoming found that snowcoach emissions are six times higher than the new snowmobiles. Did you know that snowcoaches are so noisy that passengers have to don earplugs to ride in them?

We don’t need bans; we need balanced management.

For more information see the Web site http://www.saveyellowstonepark. com.

Robert Robinette


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