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Letters to the editor

Prior to the Fourth of July this year, Ron Tucker, a longtime Truckee resident and Navy veteran, brought a beautiful American flag to the Truckee Fire Protection District office. Mr. Tucker donated this flag to be flown from the flagpole across from the bus and train station for all of Truckee’s residents and visitors to view. Mr. Tucker is obviously proud of his country and the flag that represents it. The Truckee Fire Protection District would like to thank Mr. Tucker for his generous donation and has proudly raised it for all to observe. If you see Mr. Tucker in the community or as he is working on the town road crew, be sure to thank him for his generous gift of the flag as well as his past military service to our country. Individuals like Mr. Tucker make us all proud to be Americans. Thank you Mr. Tucker for all you have done and currently do.Gene WelchPublic Safety & Information OfficerTruckee Fire Protection DistrictFinding peace in TruckeeI am celebrating this Fourth of July in a different way, from my hospital bed at the skilled nursing facility at Tahoe Forest Hospital. I am being challenged with this MS exacerbation.I am feeling new-found deeper realizations and appreciation of what independence and freedom means when this morning I was finally able to use my elbow to elevate the head of my hospital bed for the first time in two and a half months.When I heard an RN relate the story of her gratitude for her husband’s return from combat in Iraq, or a CNAs saving glance of a star rocket’s flash, giving him the nanosecond necessary to close his eye, which prevented his eye from further injury, I see once again the hand of God protecting us.As I lay in my bed, I heard the sirens from the parade. Several Truckee families chose not to go to the parade this year because of the 15 minutes of blasting sirens that terrified their children and pets. So these families needed to celebrate in different ways.As the first woman Truckee Optimist, I wish everyone could read and live their creed that they recite at the close of their meetings.With each breath I truly appreciate the deeper meanings of independence and freedom in my healing process. I am grateful to see the sky out of my window. I am inspired once again to live in this sacred healing community of Truckee.With a peaceful heart.Bonnie Sue Hickson, RNFounder/PresidentThe Rplefct FoundationWriters’ world views are askewI was shocked at the least when I opened the July 7 Sierra Sun and read the bilge heaped on Jeff Ackerman by three women readers (I’m assuming Martyn is a female’s name). It would be silly to try and change the minds of individuals whose world view is so divorced from reality. I can only wonder what sort of education left these three individuals in such a state.But I would like to question one of the writers about the statement, “there are no good guys and bad guys in war.” (Did you learn that at Berkeley?)Too bad you weren’t a young woman living in the Philippines 1941-1945, or in other countries captured by the Japanese Army. You could have been taken away far from home, like thousands of other young women, to be a “comfort girl” at the absolute mercy of the Japanese soldiers, raped up to 50 times a day until you died or went insane.Too bad you weren’t living in Nanking, China in December 1937. You could have watched as the Japanese army went on a rampage and murdered 300,000 innocent Chinese civilians and perhaps you would have learned something as the Japanese soldiers killed thousands of young Chinese men by using them for bayonet practice. These horrifying acts are commonly referred to as “the rape of Nanking,” because over the six weeks of the massacre, the Japanese troops raped over 20,000 women, most of who were murdered thereafter.Too bad you weren’t living in Manila in 1944, when a defeated Japanese army vented its rage by killing over 200,000 Philippine civilians accompanied by the usual rapes and mutilations.No good guys or bad guys in war? Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the crimes committed in the wake of the German Army from 1939 to 1945? Does the word “Holocaust” ring a bell?Perhaps your TV was off those days when the tens of thousands of bodies of Saddam’s victims were unearthed in Iraq?Too bad you learned your history from the likes of Michael Moore.Prentiss DavisTruckee

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