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Letters to the editor

Town needs a larger supermarket

To the editor:

Not much has been said in the newspaper about the 63,000 square foot Raley’s grocery store proposed by the airport, next to the new Highway 267 bypass. I am a Truckee resident who supports the larger size because I think Truckee shoppers will use the “extras” included in the store size. A child play area, pharmacy, organic vegetables and fruit, plus wider aisles are all things that Raley’s wants to bring to our town.

I am very familiar with Ukiah, which has a Raley’s, Safeway and an Albertson’s. Ukiah’s population is about 15,000, which actually is smaller than Truckee if you count all our second home owners. We need another grocery store, especially when you consider even one or two thousand new residents moving into the Martis Valley.

And no, I don’t think a Super Kmart or other warehouse-type store is appropriate for Truckee. I just want a grocery store with the customer service, quality and variety that Raley’s has to offer. Why deny ourselves that little luxury? We still have to go to Reno for every other purchase, but food is where I think we can make an exception. We want Truckee to keep that hometown look and feel, but can’t we keep our small town flavor with a grocery store that’s bigger than our existing two stores?

Florence Cox


Snowplows damage private property

To the editor:

On Thursday Dec. 6, a plow backed into our mailbox snapping the 8″ diameter pole off at the ground. The snow pole was knocked over as well. The driver must have been oblivious to this hit for no contact by him to us was made.

I spoke to Tamara Blanton at the Town Hall Friday morning, who had all the answers: “the mailbox is on town right of way,” “the plows take 15 to 20 mailboxes out a year.” I find this self-righteous attitude frustrating and demeaning to our town democracy. The right action here is to acknowledge and apologize for destroying personal property, as when you hit someone’s car. Secondly an attempt to fix, repair and make right the error. I was told I was out of luck.

The craziest part is that the streets were already well plowed and clear of snow. This was a clear sunny day. The mailbox is visible; we keep it clear for mail delivery. The mailbox is very close to our driveway, where a car could have easily been hit. I feel the driver of the plow is not being as cautious as required when operating such heavy machinery. Who or what is next?

And then the town just says, “Oops D took out your mailbox!” and that’s it? In our house we go by the law of Karma: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Karma, justice served on a higher level.

Laura Fuson


Soda Springs postal service in need of reform, claims writer

To the editor:

As a full-time, year-round resident homeowner in Soda Springs, I have rented a post office box here for over eight years.

Since the beginning, there have been major delays and non-delivery of bills and payments, letters misrouted as far as the eastern seaboard, outdated periodicals that looked like they spent a month on someone’s coffee table, and parcels too large for the box which were crammed in anyway. I have lived at many addresses in California, and this state of affairs seems highly irregular in my experience. It has cost me late fees and finance charges and has jeopardized our good credit.

I am not the only summit resident to suffer this plight. Up here, one must take extreme measures to insure the integrity of one’s postal affairs, and many have chosen to simply rent a box in Truckee over 12 miles away. I have inquired of the Soda Springs Postmaster, but it seems that since she isn’t at fault, she is neither required nor willing to assist in the matter. So after years of filing all the proper forms and taking the extreme measures, I am now asking for the assistance of other residents.

In an effort to aid the Soda Springs Post Office in improving the situation, the Consumer Affairs Division of the USPS has opened an investigation, and they are seeking information. If you have experienced service problems at the Soda Springs Post Office, please call (800) 275-8777. Your phone call will automatically register your complaint with the federal office of the USPS, and any information you can provide would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Lori Van Meter

Soda Springs

Thanks to snow plow crews for good job

To the editor:

So far it has been a hard winter snow-wise which has required a lot from road clearing crews.

I live on one of the most difficult streets to clear in the town of Truckee, Riverside Drive. It is narrow, clogged with vehicles and has virtually no place to store snow. The other night a loader came to clean up the street. Accompanying the loader was a town police car. The police officer went ahead of the loader rousting people out of their homes to move their vehicles to make way for the loader. This was probably a two hour process for a street that is only about one quarter of a mile long. A most difficult job, well done.

All in all you guys deserve a round of applause for your work this winter.

Rolf Godon


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