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Letters to the editor

Town against MTBE elimination delays

(The following letter was mailed to California Gov. Gray Davis on behalf of the Town of Truckee.)

Dear Gov. Davis:

Over the last several years, Truckee has had a significant problem with the gasoline additive MTBE. Donner Lake, a highly used summer recreation lake, is also used by local residents as a source of drinking water. MTBE contamination caused by motorized watercraft threatens this drinking water source and State plans to ban its use as a motor fuel additive are very positive.

Recently news articles suggest that your office is being urged to defer or delay the elimination of this health hazard and I am writing to urge you to hold to the 2002 deadline that you previously established.

Your plans to institute this deadline have been in place for some time giving oil companies plenty of opportunity to institute alternatives such as has been done by Unocal. This is a critical problem for Northern California and I would urge you to help us maintain water quality be ensuring that the gasoline supply for this area is MTBE-free.

Please retain the 2002 deadline that you previously established. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,

Ron Florian

Truckee Mayor

Excellent service seen at local stores

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the letter supporting the proposed new grocery store on Highway 267 (Sierra Sun Letters to the Editor, Jan. 3). While I do not deny that Truckee has grown to the point that another grocery is needed, I do resent the implication that quality and customer service are not currently available in Truckee, and that those traits are somehow a product of size.

I always find it amusing when people praise the “small town flavor” of Truckee in the very same breath that they decry the lack of big city amenities. I have no problem finding the majority of what I need here in town, and when I do go to Reno for something, I certainly don’t enjoy the atmosphere at the mall or the giant super-marts. I have never received the personal attention at any store in Reno that I receive on a daily basis here in Truckee.

I do most of my grocery shopping at the Albertsons on Deerfield Drive. I have received superb customer service, excellent consideration, and outstanding quality from the employees of this store. I have come to know many of the employees by name, and I deeply appreciate their friendly, helpful attitudes.

Sandy and Mary Beth at the registers always have a great sense of humor, no matter how busy it is. Steve and his team in the meat department have never failed to help me with special requests D Nick was particularly helpful in putting together a truly gorgeous crown roast of lamb for my Thanksgiving dinner, and offered some exceptional gourmet cooking tips. Sylvia and Trini at the deli counter are always helpful and smiling, and there is not a single person in the produce department who has not helped me find a fresher bunch of basil or the ripest piece of fruit.

In addition to complimenting the good people at Albertsons, I should also note that the opening of Lisa’s Central Market has been a great addition to Truckee, with their quality organic produce and groceries.

The employees of Lisa’s are very knowledgeable, and provide excellent customer service.

Quality and customer service are already available in Truckee D all you have to do is walk into the store and talk to someone.

LorZ McLaren


Women U.S. soldiers treated unfair in Saudi Arabia

To the editor:

Scenario: You are one of America’s most educated people. One million dollars-plus has been spent to train you to be the very best in the world in your profession. You represent the United States of America and its values wherever in the world you may be. You are assigned duty in Saudi Arabia, and fulfill your training in the highest standards.

But when you leave your place of assignment you must wear the Muslim body clothing, you must wear the head covering and frill face pull over covering. When you ride in private transportation, you must sit in the back seat. If you use public transportation, you must sit in the back seat. You can not go anywhere without the presence of a man as your escort, and you must walk behind him.

You are one of the few who can call themselves a combat fighter pilot in the Armed Services. The best of the best. You fly combat missions over Afghanistan to rid the country of the tyranny of the Taliban, and free the people to live a life of normalcy, if that is possible in that part of the world. But when you are not defending, protecting and enforcing the rights of man, you instantly become the very oppression you put your life on the line for every time you climb in the cockpit.

The problem is, this letter is not a scenario, it is military law for all female military personnel stationed in Saudi Arabia. These standards apply nowhere else in the world. These standards even do not exist in Saudi Arabia for any other females from other country’s civilian or military. It does not apply to any United States female government employees in Saudi Arabia and are mandated by the Armed Services. These archaic, loathsome traditions only apply to female military personnel.

The Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States were asked to remove this ridiculous requirement and both declined because they did not wish to offend the Saudi Arabians. Upon asking the Saudi government concerning this issue, their official position is that they do not require this of any foreign female personnel, and that this is a United States military affair. Does any one see anything wrong with this picture? Are we still that far gone? United States combat pilots should not be treated in such a demeaning way. These women are American citizens and soldiers. Write a letter and the rest of us know what you think.

Dan Cooley


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