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Martis Valley draft plan needs workTo the editor:As stated in the Jan. 24 Sierra Sun, the preliminary draft of the Martis Valley Community Plan is ready for public review. I urge everyone who has a stake in the future of Truckee and the Martis Valley to examine this document carefully and submit comments to Placer County before it is to late to affect the outcome.The “citizen’s” committee that has been charged with the update of the earlier Martis Valley Plan consists of 15 seats. The seats are filled with three individuals representing Northstar, two additional developers, one representing more than one project, two ordinary citizens and the remainder of seats consists of representatives from various public agencies.As one of two “ordinary citizens” serving on this committee I am deeply concerned about the lack of regional focus and the apparent disregard for maintaining our sense of community and protection of existing neighborhoods. While I support the right of landowners to develop their property. I feel the committee is heavy with developer input, which is reflected in the preliminary draft.A major negative impact to our neighborhoods that the Sun failed to mention in the Jan. 24 article is that the Martis Valley Community Plan includes the extension of Palisades Drive, Star Pine Road and Silver Spur to allow a connection to the proposed Eaglewood development. Ultimately, if these proposed roads are developed, they will provide access to a four lane Shaeffer Mill Road (by going through Eaglewood) which will connect to Northstar Drive. Placer County thinks circulation between neighborhoods is a good thing. I ask you: for whom? I have already experienced more than one incident of “lost” tourists from Northstar trying to bypass the traffic jam on Highway 267 by speeding through Sierra Meadows and Ponderosa Ranchos only to discover there is no shortcut to Interstate 80 from here. Imagine if visitors could leave Northstar and make it all the way to downtown Truckee without ever touching Highway 267 or the bypass by using our neighborhood streets.We currently enjoy safe neighborhoods with a sense of community. We don’t have to deal with serious crime, speeding cars or other problems inherent in neighborhoods with multiple access points. To make the proposed road connections, including the Shaeffer Mill Road widening and connection to Northstar, is irresponsible and dangerous to the residents.While I realized that Placer County is trying to make Martis Valley fit into the Placer County General Plan, I don’t believe it is responsible nor is it fair to expect Martis Valley to be molded to fit the wishes of policy makers that don’t live here.To obtain a copy of the Preliminary Draft of the Martis Valley Community Plan, contact the Placer County Planning Department at 11414 B Avenue, Auburn, CA 95603, Phone 530-8897470, E-mail Bill Combs at Bcombs@placer.ca.gov or visit the County’s Web site at http://www.placer.ca. gov/planning/planning-doc.htmLynne R. LarsonTruckeeTown trails and bike program waste of taxpayer moneyTo the editor:We vehemently oppose the entire Truckee Trails & Bikeways Plan and implore stoppage thereof.Large cities with vastly more resources (tax dollars) would balk at the scope of such a plan. Truckee is a very small town, and it appears some are suffering delusions of grandeur.Have you noticed: trails all over Donner Summit, trails at Donner State Park, the Tahoe Rim Trail, and ski resorts open for summer recreation trail along the river on Highway 89?This proposed fiasco will cost millions of tax dollars: buying land, compensating property owners, widening streets, paving widened streets, insurance, additional law enforcement to patrol, maintenance of trails and landscaping.Respectively consider these factors: waste of time and money, inconvenience, construction, noise, traffic jams, dust, dirt, frustration, and litigation inflicted on the taxpayer/voter/ property owner if this nightmare were to be implemented.Nikolaus and Frances WranyTruckeeMan suing Northstar over affordable housing defends suitTo the editor:I would like to correct misinformation contained in letters to editor Jan. 17 from pro-development advocates at Northstar. The Association for Sensible Development At Northstar (ASDAN) does not represent a small group.It is a group of approximately 150 Northstar property owners and other area residents who are concerned with the current piecemeal approach to regional and massive over-development.ASDAN does support affordable workforce housing in our region. Quite simply, the location of the proposal at Northstar just doesn’t make sense. It sets a bad precedent by locating high density residential development on forestland and will cause significant negative impacts on the environment.Also, this proposed housing is far away from all essential services, especially since more than 50 percent of the residents will be “regional,” not Northstar, employees. A more logical location is near services in Truckee or Kings Beach, places where most of the residents will also work.Most importantly, Placer County has forgone the legal process for environmental review and this is why ASDAN has filed its lawsuit against this ill-conceived development. A new entrance to Northstar from Highway 267, new roads and a new water tank were add-ons to the project D all approved by Placer County without an environmental impact report.These growth inducing elements will help accommodate massive future development at Northstar D 2,200 new residential units and commercial space according to Northstar and its developer, East West Partners of Colorado. All of this needs to be considered before the first bulldozer levels forestland.Finally, this project is located on six acres, but the just released draft of the Martis Valley General Plan Update indicates three times that much acreage for “employee” housing around the site. Exactly what are these plans, how many units and buildings will there ultimately be?Sean DowdallNorthstar/San FranciscoChevy ads on Olympic event flags wrongTo the editor:Sunday, Jan. 20, we attended the Olympic torch processing through Incline Village. The torch caravan was a mobile auto show for Chevrolet (a sponsor). The streets were lined with people cheering and waving good size well-printed plastic American flags on sticks. A perfect picture of a wonderful occasion with enthusiastic patriotism and support for Team USA, Right?Mostly. Except the plastic flags were only printed on one side with an image of the flag. The other side was printed with a Chevrolet emblem and a sponsor’s note. Rules and customs pertaining to the display and use of the flag specifically prohibit it from being used in advertising and prohibit any emblem or message from being imprinted on the flag. Chevrolet promotions people have made a major blunder and should burn the current advertising flags and give away something appropriate between here and Salt Lake City.There are many ways to advertise without mocking patriotism and degrading the flag of the U.S.A. Chevy should know better.Don MorrisonIncline VillageTown approves new building appeal boardTo the editor:On Jan. 17, Town Council approved the staff’s recommendation on seven participants of the newly formed Building Appeals Board. The CATT organization applauds the efforts of Town staff and council for its work and dedication to this project. The BAB efforts started three years ago between CATT President Patrick Flora and the Community Development Department.Council approved the parameters of such a board this past fall and the participants, representing different areas of expertise, are now in place.They are: Peter Gerdin, architect; Rick Fitzgerald, engineer; Patrick Flora, general; Jamie Brimer, plumbing; Craig Krause, mechanical; Philip Schacht, electrical and Bruce Cornell, disabled access.CATT thanks these participants for their commitment to the quality of Truckee housing.Joe BurnsCATT Executive DirectorMore support for Soda Springs mailTo the editor:Just a short comment to support the Soda Springs post office.I’ve had the same P.O. Box here for over 30 years. Sure, we’ve all had a mail problem now and then, but that’s not the postmistress’s fault. It’s the federal mail service in general.I feel the problem is not with the postmistress at all. She has always been more than helpful. The problem is the rude, “I want it my way and now,” “beautiful” people who’ve been moving to the area.There’s an old saying that “any time a large herd moves through a civilized area there’s a lot of crap to clean up.” Quit whining and try being a little more tolerant.John Isgreen, Jr.Soda Springs

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