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Letters to the editor: Plea bargain in dog killing inadequate

Law abiding citizens of Truckee, your help is needed. The results of plea bargaining in the case of Joshua Hunt, Ronald Hunt and Judith Miller were announced in court June 5 and reflect the fact that this community has a serious problem with incompetence in the district attorney’s office.

As a community, we must show that we care about our court system and demand justice in the present case. You may recall that this is the case in which a dog was taken from his owner’s property, shot and dumped in the road.

How would any of you feel if your home were entered and your animals taken and murdered? This was a violent criminal act on its own. But also be aware that acknowledged studies on criminality have established the animal abuse/human violence connection beyond a doubt.

The maximum sentence Joshua Hunt could receive is a fine not to exceed $20,000 and three years in prison. It is an insult and a dangerous precedent to our community, and especially to the murdered pet’s guardian, that the plea bargain proposes that Joshua Hunt pay only a $600 fine, $400 of which would be suspended if he completes a work release program of 30 days, and be subject to a suspended three year sentence. Ronald Hunt and Judith Miller, for their parts, would receive identical sentences of $370 fine, 16 hours work release, and one year probation.

The cost of these fines all together does not start to cover law enforcement costs involved in this case. And a violent criminal act such as this should not be dismissed as is proposed here. The community of Truckee can end all pretense of a kinder, gentler place to live if we allow this miscarriage of justice to move forward.

Please make your voice heard by writing to the Nevada County Probation Department, Attn. Robert Dowrick, 10075 Levon Street #102, Truckee 96161. Cite case #TO 1/0084F1. Public opinion can throw out the proposed plea bargain which represents such a miscarriage of justice. We can send the message that we will not allow violence in our community and we want competent representation in the District Attorney’s Office.

The judge has set sentencing for July 10, Truckee Courthouse, at 1:30 p.m. Please send your letters now and your appearance at the Courthouse would be helpful as well.

Carol Streeter


Tahoe Donner harassing residents

To the editor:

Tahoe Donner’s lack of response to their parking lot expansion concerns and notification thereof as well as refusal to return their E-mails is typical of the Tahoe Donner Association.

My mother who is a senior living alone in Tahoe Donner is being harassed by the Tahoe Donner Association over her two outside light bulbs. Apparently, a woman from the Association continues to call my mother with inquiries as to her progress on changing these two light bulbs and their fixtures. My mother tells me also that this same woman from the association actually said to her over the phone that she had pictures of my mother’s light bulbs. This association caller also threatened my mother with action if she didn’t comply.

I looked at these light bulbs the other day. The two light fixtures the Association is spending so much time on are so far under the eaves above the front door, you wouldn’t even see them without really looking and only if you were standing at the front door.

Scott A. Schlefstein


Intolerance not

wanted in Truckee

To the editor:

As long as I have lived in Truckee, I have always been attracted by the tolerance and giving attitudes of its populace. I, and many of my generation along with our forefathers, fought to make this country free of prejudice and racism. What makes this a great country is our willingness to accept all who come to our shores as equals. My family were immigrants two short generations ago fleeing Europe’s conflagration. I am sure that many of you share this past in some way or another.

Do we want to descend to those levels again in this country? I think not, and I am sure that many of us would gather against this cloud. Have love in your heart for your fellow man and woman. Whomever of you that insult my friend Parvin Darabi, you also insult me, my forefathers, our country and the future of all our children. Wake up and realize that here is a person who only desires to help our community and all that is in it.

Let us all work together, for this is one very small town on a very small planet.

W. L. Millholen


Police must enforce town speed limits

To the editor:

I am wondering what has happened to our police presence in the Town of Truckee during this transition to our own police department.

If there are going to be traffic zones with posted speed limits, we should either revisit those limits and change them or enforce them. When I drive down Highway 267, from the traffic light at the theatre, to downtown (or vice-versa) at the posted speed limit of 25 mph, more often than not, I am tailgated, honked at or flipped off for going “too slow.” The same holds true for West River Street between Hwy. 267 and the Mclver Crossing underpass road. From the roundabout to the hospital, it’s the same story.

All one has to do is walk through this town once and feel threatened by the vehicles speeding through these areas, to know that Truckee has done little to create a pedestrian friendly atmosphere. Even crossing the street at the Hwy. 267-Donner Pass Road intersection is a life threatening experience! While walking to the other end of town last week, through all of these areas, I was struck by the fact that I had not seen one Town of Truckee police vehicle, not one. That was about 5 miles and took over an hour. Where were they all?

I would think that the revenue created by enforcing these limits would surely help support the cost of our new police department and, by enforcing them more diligently, may someday save a life.

Shelley McGinity


(Editor’s Note: The new Town of Truckee Police Department will not begin full operations until Sept. 1. The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office remains the town’s primary law enforcement until that time.)

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