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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Rude behavior by tourists is on the rise

Rude behavior by tourists is on the rise

To the editor:

Our family has been fortunate enough to live in Truckee for the past six years. Before we were just visitors that appreciated every weekend we were able to escape the Bay Area to enjoy all that Truckee offers.

Since we became permanent residents, we have watched with increasing disdain, how manners and values during tourist season have diminished. This past holiday brought with it questionable behavior in all areas of Truckee.

My husband and I have observed that our area of Tahoe Donner has transformed to people who demand that dogs are silent, kids remain off the streets, and bears beware (or they may get shot for eating someone’s garbage).

Many residents I’ve spoken with have been scorched in some way by the ill tempers created by the influx of vacationers. Today a friend told me his car was forcefully sideswiped at the Burger King light. As he looked over at the new jeep that hit him, he signaled for the driver to pull over. She defiantly flipped him off and sped away. He had three children in the car as witnesses. A customer demanded a hostess in a local diner to wipe a seat off that had salt on it. I’ve heard multiple complaints of grocery carts being shoved into each other’s calves and feet and I know I have had the experience of going home with a couple of shin bruises myself.

What do we do about this? I’m not sure but one Truckee friend suggested the town devise a credo that could be displayed on our town signs and maybe weekly in the local paper. Something like, “Truckee a town of character and kindness”. It might make people think as they begin their vacations. It may help remind the rest of us here too.

Helen Schwartz


Customers should have voice on water

To the editor:

I am a resident of Truckee and a Donner Lake Water customer. I’d like to preface my letter by stating that I’m concerned about the current state of affairs with the water company, but to advocate an immediate fix without considering our options and their effect could leave us in a much worse state than currently exists.

My perspective comes from living in various locations in the Midwest and Southwest. The water situation in the middle of our nation is different from that in the High Sierra, and I have experienced this difference firsthand. In my experience, water is taken for granted until its quality and purity is affected.

When we moved to the Donner Lake area, we heard various concerns about the water. We invested in a simple faucet filter, and have experienced no ill effects or associated health problems. In our opinion, the water is most acceptable for drinking, bathing and cooking. Our water supply here at Donner Lake has been flooded with chlorine at various times during the summers, and the low water pressure, rationing and shut-downs during summer have been problematical. Nevertheless, based on our experiences elsewhere, we have been pleased with the water quality at our home.

I certainly have been disturbed to see the way Del Oro Water Company has addressed community concerns about the water supply and quality. However, before we rush to hand over the system to the Public Utility District (PUD), I believe we need to seriously evaluate the role of our citizenry in the water company. And it should be “our company” in some respects, since we are expected to pay for the overhaul and maintenance of the system. I have been impressed with the public response related to water issues this summer – water customers were vocal and clear-thinking in their recommendations for a safe, reliable water system.

I believe that PUD’s control of our water supply could be problematical. They may decide to give us water from a different source and/or lease water rights to others. This issue is complex and I don’t believe we are fully aware of the rationale behind interest in Donner Lake. Water customers must have a voice in the status of their water supply and I believe a citizen’s advisory board is needed, regardless of who takes over the water company. People paying for upgrading the system should have a say in how their money is spent, for their fiscal and physical well-being.

Geneva Lewis


A fantastic Christmas

To the editor:

Christmas morning, it was announced that Santa Claus would be visiting our lounge in the extended care unit at Tahoe Forest Hospital to distribute gifts. I decided to attend, so wheeling myself down the hall, I passed a room where Santa, in person, was preparing by changing from his street clothes. I’m probably one of the chosen few who ever saw Santa Claus with his pants down.

All of my associated sufferers lightened up when Santa “ho, ho, ho-ed” us and began to distribute gifts (courtesy of the Fireside Cruisers). People I’d never seen smile before were joyfully accepting their designated gifts. It was awesome.

As for myself, I was pardoned to go to my son’s home for the day. There, amidst family, a big lighted Christmas tree, mimosas, and gifts, I had a beautiful day.

Doris Drake


Remembering Don Callahan

To the editor:

In the 30 years that I have lived here, I am constantly reminded why this is such a special place to live. I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you who offered help and support during the time of Don’s illness. Our family will always be grateful for your friendship and love.

Patricia Callahan and family


Womens’ Services seeks community aid

To the editor:

Please help Tahoe Women’s Services by supporting our campaign to save our safe house. The Mountain Rose Safe House is a shelter for women and children escaping abusive environments. Begun in 1995, the six-bed shelter has provided a safe haven for over 100 women and children seeking refuge.

We are currently in danger of losing our safe house. The property owner has advised us that the residence, which serves as our shelter, will soon be placed on the real estate market for sale.

Unless we find a means to purchase this property, the results could be catastrophic for women and children in the area who are fleeing violent homes. We are asking community members to help us in our campaign to save our safe house. The establishment and operations of the Mountain Rose Safe House has been made possible through a grant awarded from the California Department of Health Services.

However, our current funders will not allow us to use their funds to purchase property, so we must seek other solutions. The seller’s asking price is $280,000. We must secure a down payment plus closing costs, in private, tax-deductible donation funds, to make the dream of purchasing the Safe House a reality.

In order to continue to provide safety to women and children in our community, we are looking for a permanent solution to our crisis. Our goal is to find individuals who are willing to make an investment in Tahoe Women’s Services and help meet the needs of the families we serve in the Truckee/North Lake Tahoe communities.

Without the Safe House, Tahoe Women’s Services will continue providing short-term emergency lodging in motels, but would be forced to refer women to other shelters outside the immediate area. This would result in women and children who are connected with our community to uproot themselves and find new jobs and schools in other communities.

Your financial investment will serve as a commitment to end violence in our community.

Please call Estelle Kersh at (775) 833-0533 for further inquiries.

Sharon Kreutzen

Estelle Kersh

TWS Board of Directors

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