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Letters to the Editor

Jeff Middlebrook: Scientific Integrity Act? Really?

October 11, 2019

Scientific Integrity Act? Really? Though I understand Lisa Hofan’s concern that science is being politicized, I suspect there’s a degree of disingenuousness to her outrage because the mere fact of expecting government hacks to determine...

Brian Leary: Let’s stay positive Truckee-Tahoe

October 3, 2019

As I traveled down Donner Pass Road last Friday, I was disturbed to see signs from Truckee students that read, “You will die from old age, we will die from climate change.” Who is putting...

Jeff Middlebrook: Climate has always changed, never static

September 13, 2019

When it started to look like the current global warming trend was stalling and that some predictions for the next 15-20 years forecast a reversal towards global cooling, the anthropogenic global warming hysterics co-opted the...

Michael L. Conn: Facing some reality

July 21, 2019

There are many things one could learn from the many religions prevalent on Earth. Buddhism has some well-developed beliefs that closely parallel the scientific method. That is, they have proven over time the practical realities...

Silke Pflueger: Sean Frame for Congress

July 21, 2019

The 2020 election is casting its shadow early this year. No one can hide from the race for the presidential nomination; it’s everywhere. But there is more at stake in California’s 4th Congressional District than...

Rachel Falk: Thank you for being that village

July 7, 2019

Glenshire Elementary School just celebrated an award luncheon with gifts for 11 students who had perfect attendance and no tardies for the entire 2018-2019 school year! The luncheon and gifts were made possible by the...

Urs Schuler: McClintock approves of discriminatory bill?

May 31, 2019

McClintock approves of discriminatory bill? Tom McClintock appears to be in favor of LGBTQ discrimination. Upon passing of the “Equality Act to Ban Anti-LGBT Discrimination” (HR5) Pridesource reports: Leading the charge in stoking fears over...

Bob Sweigert: Principles to live by for positive change

May 24, 2019

Bipartisanship, trust, cooperation, compromise and respect are some of the first principles to live by if we want any kind of positive change, no matter which group or historical era we belong to. These are...

Jeff Middlebrook: Guide to trail running still out there

May 20, 2019

Seeing the article in the recent Sierra Sun about the trail running season starting I am reminded of the trail running book I authored that was published and widely distributed by the long-ago defunct Wilderness...