Jeff Middlebrook: Allow me to enlighten and educate |

Jeff Middlebrook: Allow me to enlighten and educate

The current atmospheric CO2 level passed 400 ppm in the past couple of years, and the hand-wringing hysterics are proclaiming doom-and-gloom for planet Earth. Well, allow me to enlighten and educate the mostly ignorant masses.

Several times over the past few hundred millions of years of Earth history the CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have exceeded 2,500 ppm, even going over 7,000 ppm during the 150-million-year reign of the dinosaurs. 7,000 ppm CO2 is roughly 17 times higher than current levels and yet life not only thrived, it thrived with greater species diversity and shear numbers than life on Earth in 2019 A.D. Yes, there were no polar ice caps and sea levels were a few hundred feet higher than today, but life thrived. Mother Nature cares nothing about beach front condos and ski resorts for self-infatuated humans!!

All of this AGW (anthropogenic global warming) hysteria is really just a bunch of “poor me” anthropocentricity. It’s ignorant and pathetic! If self-defined environmentalists who claim they love Mother Nature really loved “her” they would respect that “she” doesn’t march to the beat of humanity’s drum, and they would hail the fact that “she” kills off species everyday and that “she” will probably do away with us too!

My theory is that all the carbon we are releasing back into the atmosphere is actually approaching the natural norm, and that we are actually unwittingly doing Mother Nature’s bidding. We are returning all the carbon that once freely circulated in the biosphere that was sequestered for millions of years by random cataclysmic events.

Jeff Middlebrook


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