Jeff Middlebrook: Climate has always changed, never static |

Jeff Middlebrook: Climate has always changed, never static

When it started to look like the current global warming trend was stalling and that some predictions for the next 15-20 years forecast a reversal towards global cooling, the anthropogenic global warming hysterics co-opted the phrase “climate change” in the effort to buffer their indefensible “belief”.

Climate has always changed, has never been static. There’s no such thing as steady state when it comes to climate dynamics. Therefore the phrase “climate change” is actually a nonsensical phrase, the quintessential redundant phrase. To say “climate change” is to say “change change”, and that’s absurd.

Those of us grounded in the sciences who have also bothered to study the paleo history of Earth’s climate know that several times over the past hundreds of millions of years the CO2 concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere have exceeded 2,500 ppm, more than six times the current ppm, and yet life thrived with incredible diversity. Sure, there might have been no ice at the poles, certainly no anthropocentric ski resorts and beach resorts (and that’s a joke within a joke because humans had not evolved yet), but life being a powerful force, life thrived.

I suggest y’all Google the George Carlin stand-up comedy routine he did before his death in which he excoriated the goofy environmentalists who think humanity has the power to either save Earth or destroy it. Carlin nailed it.

Jeff Middlebrook


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